InterPlay - AnARTomy (2009) Telematic, Access Grid Performance
March 27-29 & April 3-5, 2009

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March 27-29, April 3-5, 2009
INSCC Auditorium
University of Utah
155 South 1452 East, Salt Lake City, Utah
Friday 3/27 - Saturday 3/28: 7:00 pm MDT
Sunday 3/29: 4:00 pm MDT

Friday 4/03 - Saturday 4/04: 12:00 pm MDT
Sunday 4/05: 9:00 am MDT

The human body is a complex system of thought and action where the simplest impulse can generate the most amazing human motion. The subject of AnARTomy is an exploration into our very personal receptacle as a connector through which humans operate, activate and live.

The Leonardo Blog Review

InterPlay: AnARTomy was awarded the 2009 Artys Staff Award - Best Reason To Set Your Alarm Sunday Morning

InterPlay is a multi-faceted event that consists of two or more performances that occur simultaneously in various cities around the world. The performances are concurrently captured, mixed, digitized, encoded and streamed onto the network. The digital mix is manipulated as each video stream can appear in any of several video playback windows. This creates a work that takes individual stories and weaves them into a multi layered, distributed, cinematic performance. InterPlay is similar to the process that the brain performs during the formulation of a dream sequence. Images that have been stored through recent experiences simultaneously emerge in pieces and the brain mixes them into a surreal sequence that loosely resembles a story. Video streams, similar to these emerging images, coming from several sites across the country and the world, are then combined into a richly woven audio-visual tapestry.

Another Language has researched this process since 1995, by following the growth of emerging technologies to the present. Through the utilization of Access Grid tm videoconference software and the development of real-time, distributed processes Another Language Performing Arts Company stands in the forefront of this innovation as world leaders in telematic, collaborative performances.