InterPlay - Event Horizon (2010) Telematic, Access Grid Performance
March 26-28 & April 2-3, 2010

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Red Sun Photograph by: Elizabeth A. Miklavcic

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March 29-April 1 6:00pm
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The concept of Event Horizon is based on the exploration of the unknown. An experience for the explorer to revel in the discovery what is just beyond sight or knowledge.

How does one approach or attempt to work within an emerging medium, where constant upgrades change the landscape of creation? The artist must relish in flexibility and remain fluid in ideas and structures. Within the structured fluidity the participating creative artists are also the technologists, or artologists. The artist with technical knowledge of this new paintbrush, so-to-speak, finds that the unknown becomes the catalyst for new creative inspiration.

InterPlay: Event Horizon is a combination of dance, music, poetry, animation and cinematography. Event Horizon will include a designed multi-layered cinematic display, giving the audience member a motional experience where the cinematic presentation is an active part of the performance.

2010 marks the eighth InterPlay project co-directed by Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic, with choreography and performance structure by Elizabeth. Performers are Lexie Levitt, Carrie Baker, Diane Hsu, Elizabeth Miklavcic, computer animations by Miho Aoki, background animation by Elizabeth Miklavcic. Jimmy Miklavcic will create a live digital mix of the incoming video streams during the performance.

2010 also marks the 25th anniversary of Another Language Performing Arts Company. The long history of Another Language serves as a strong foundation from which to springboard into the future.