InterPlay - Event Horizon (2010) Telematic, Access Grid Performance
March 26-28 & April 2-3, 2010

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Another Language Performing Arts Company and
University of Utah Center for High Performance Computing
Salt Lake City, Utah

InterPlay Directors
Jimmy Miklavcic - Executive Director, Digital Mix
Elizabeth Miklavcic - Artistic Director, Dancer, Background Animation

Utah Performer
Lexie Levitt - Musician, Composer, Singer/Songwriter, Guitar

Utah Technologists
Julio Facelli - CHPC Director
Joe Breen - Assistant Director for Networking
Colin McDermott - Cinematic Display and Access Grid Node Operator
Travis McKee - Audio Engineer
Jordan Black - Camera Operator
Ryan Swartzfager - Camera Operator
Matt Black - Documentation

University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Carrie Baker - Writer and Actor
Bob Huebert - Access Grid Node Operator

Los Angeles, California
Diane Hsu - Actor, Musician, Composer, Flute

Tokyo, Japan
Miho Aoki - Computer Animation