Season XXV Volume 7 Issue 1 January-March 2010



March 26 - 7:00pm
March 27 - 7:00pm
March 28 - 4:00pm
April 2 - 1:00pm & 7:00pm
April 3 - 7:00pm

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Intermountain Network and
Scientific Computation Center
University of Utah
155 South 1452 East
Salt Lake City, Utah
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March 29 - April 1, 2020
A Week of Free Community Panel Discussions!
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Office: (801) 531-9419
Fax: (801) 596-0811
e-mail: info(at)


National Advisory Board

Charles Amirkhanian
Executive Director
Other Minds Festival
San Francisco, CA

Jeff Carpenter
Multimedia Specialist, NCSA
Urbana Champaign, IL

Kent Christensen
New York, NY

Jennifer Gray
Associate Product Manager
Move, Inc.
Westlake Village, CA

Utah Advisory Board

Pauline Blanchard
The Pauline Blanchard Trust

Wayne Bradford
Systems Administrator
University of Utah

Susan Roberts
Computer Graphics Designer
Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library

Board of Directors

Kathy Valburg
Ice Skating Instructor

Victoria Rasmussen
Vice President
Broad Band Computer Professional

Sylvia Ring
Registered OR Nurse

Jan Abramson
University of Utah
Health Sciences


Beth Miklavcic
Artistic Director

Jimmy Miklavcic
Executive Director


Another Language Directors, Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic, received the 1995 Utah Arts Festival/Mayor's Artists Award in Performing Arts.

InterPlay: Loose Minds in a Box was honored as a national semi-finalist for the 2006 Peoria Prize for Creativity.

InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno received a 2007 City Weekly Artys Staff Award for Best Real-time, Distributed, Surrealistic, Cinema.

InterPlay: Carnivale received a 2008 City Weekly Artys Readers Choice Award for Best Opera/ Symphony performance by Travis Eberhard and Artemio Contreras.

InterPlay: AnARTomy was awarded the 2009 City Weekly Artys Staff Award - Best Reason To Set Your Alarm Sunday Morning.


Intermountain Network and Scientific Computation Center

Photo: Jo-Ann Wong

InterPlay: AnARTomy

Pictured: Beth & Jimmy Miklavcic
Photo: Matthew Loel T. Hepworth


InterPlay: Event Horizon
Lexie Levitt Performing Original Compositions Photo: Elizabeth A. Miklavcic
The concept of Event Horizon is based on the exploration of the unknown. An experience for the explorer to revel in the discovery of what is just beyond sight or knowledge.

How does one approach or attempt to work within an emerging medium, where constant upgrades change the landscape of creation? The artist must relish in flexibility and remain fluid in ideas and structures. Within the structured fluidity, the participating creative artists are also the technologists, or artologists. The artist with technical knowledge of this new paintbrush, so-to-speak, finds that the unknown becomes the catalyst for new creative inspiration.

InterPlay: Event Horizon is a combination of dance, music, poetry, animation and cinematography. Event Horizon will include a designed multi-layered cinematic display, giving the audience member a motional experience where the cinematic presentation is an active part of the performance rather than the passive projection most are used to viewing.

2010 marks the eighth InterPlay project co-directed by Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic, with choreography and performance structure by Elizabeth. Performers are Lexie Levitt, Carrie Baker, Diane Hsu, Elizabeth Miklavcic, computer animations by Miho Aoki, background animation by Elizabeth Miklavcic. Jimmy Miklavcic will create a live digital mix of the incoming video streams during the performance. Click here for participant information.

2010 also marks the 25th anniversary of Another Language Performing Arts Company. The long history of Another Language serves as a strong foundation from which to springboard into the future.

As part of Another Language Performing Arts Company's 25th Anniversary Celebration, the company is pleased and honored to have these distinguished participants for a series of community panel discussions. All are FREE and open to the public! All events are held at the University of Utah Intermountain Network and Scientific Computation Center 155 South 1452 East, Salt Lake City. Select these links for further information, a map and reservations or call the Another Language office (801) 531-9419 or the University of Utah office at (801) 585-9335.
Monday, March 29, 2010 - Panelists 6:00pm
Artistic Administration - How it has grown and changed over the past twenty-five years.
Nancy Boskoff - Executive Director - Salt Lake City Arts Council
Victoria Panella Bourns - Program Manager - Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts and Parks Program (ZAP)
Jim Glenn - Program Manager - Utah Arts Council Public and Design Arts
Casey Jarman - Programs Director - Salt Lake City Arts Council, Founding Director - Living Traditions Festival and Twilight Concert Series, Coordinator - Brown Bag Concert Series
Ruth Lubbers - Executive Director - Art Access/VSA Arts of Utah
Brent Schneider - Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affiars - University of Utah College of Fine Arts
Screening - InterPlay: Intransitive Senses (2003)
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 - Panelists 6:00pm
Community Artists and Activists - Share thoughts on the use of technology in art, presentations and events.
Derek Dyer - Executive Director - Utah Arts Alliance
Sean Guymon - Web Designer - Utah Dance in Education Association (UDEO)
Matthew Loel T. Hepworth - Digital Photographer and MIDI Programmer
Scott Iwasaki - Dance/Music Editor - Deseret News
John Schaefer - Director - Children's Media Workshop
Brian Staker - Independent Writer and Podcaster
Kersten Swinyard - Exhibits Project Manager - The Leonardo
Screening - InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno (2007)
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 - Panelists 6:00pm
Utah InterPlay participants discuss the experience of performing in an InterPlay - Thoughts on artistic expression and performance as it blends with technology.
Erik Brown - Artist - InterPlay: Loose Minds in a Box 2005
Harold Carr - Musician - InterPlay: Intransitive Senses 2003
Travis Eberhard - Actor - InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno 2007 & InterPlay: Carnivale 2008
Paul Heath - Artist - InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno & InterPlay: AnARTomy 2009
Cynthia Hogan - Artist - InterPlay: AnARTomy 2009
Priscilla Steed - Actor - InterPlay: Hallucinations 2004 & InterPlay: Carnivale 2008
Joni Urry Wilson - Dancer - InterPlay: Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek (2006)
Debut Screening - InterPlay: Carnivale (2008)
Thursday, April 1, 2010 - Panelists 6:00pm
Remote Panel - Discussions on Telematic performance with Access Gridtm technology.
Jeff Carpenter - Media Specialist - National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Mike Daley - Senior Technician - Welsh e-Science Center, Cardiff University
Scott Deal - Director - Donald Tavel Arts and Technology Research Center, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Joe Geigel - Director and Co-Founder - Virtual Theatre Project, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York
Debut Screening - InterPlay: AnARTomy (2009)
For further information email: or call our office (801) 531.9419.

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Another Language Performing Arts Company is a non-profit 501c(3) arts organization. Part of our mission is to combine different art forms in innovative ways and broaden access to cutting-edge performance art with today's technology. We have been able to pursue this mission with the generous support of our national, state and local granting organizations, and our contributing members

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Digital Images by Beth Miklavcic

Cracked Rain Forest Under Water Forest on Black Unstill Life Weep

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