Season XXV Volume 7 Issue 3 July-September 2010



InterPlay: Duel-Ality

February 25-27 &
March 4-6, 2011

This telematic performance will explore the relationships among two people, the computer, the camera and the screen. This exploration will be presented in 3D and performed by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic.

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National Advisory Board

Charles Amirkhanian
Executive Director
Other Minds Festival
San Francisco, CA

Jeff Carpenter
Multimedia Specialist, NCSA
Urbana Champaign, IL

Kent Christensen
New York, NY

Jennifer Gray
Associate Product Manager
Move, Inc.
Westlake Village, CA

Utah Advisory Board

Pauline Blanchard
The Pauline Blanchard Trust

Wayne Bradford
Systems Administrator
University of Utah

Susan Roberts
Computer Graphics Designer
Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library

Board of Directors

Kathy Valburg
Ice Skating Instructor

Victoria Rasmussen
Vice President
Broad Band Computer Professional

Sylvia Ring
Registered OR Nurse

Jan Abramson
University of Utah
Health Sciences


Elizabeth Miklavcic
Artistic Director

Jimmy Miklavcic
Executive Director


Another Language Directors, Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic, received the 1995 Utah Arts Festival/Mayor's Artists Award in Performing Arts.

InterPlay: Loose Minds in a Box was honored as a national semi-finalist for the 2006 Peoria Prize for Creativity.

InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno received a 2007 City Weekly Artys Staff Award for Best Real-time, Distributed, Surrealistic, Cinema.

InterPlay: Carnivale received a 2008 City Weekly Artys Readers Choice Award for Best Opera/ Symphony performance by Travis Eberhard and Artemio Contreras.

InterPlay: AnARTomy was awarded the 2009 City Weekly Artys Staff Award - Best Reason To Set Your Alarm Sunday Morning.


The History

Cinema In Your Face 1987

Pictured From Left To Right:
Jimmy Miklavcic, Tony Weller, Tammy Tudor, Paul Arner, Rene Arner, Elizabeth Miklavcic

Pictured From Left To Right:
Jimmy Miklavcic, Tony Weller, Tammy Tudor, Paul Arner, Rene Arner, Elizabeth Miklavcic

Pictured From Left To Right:
Tammy Tudor, Paul Arner, Rene Arner, Elizabeth Miklavcic

Sounds That Art Makes 1987

Pictured From Left To Right:
Jimmy Miklavcic, Tony Weller, Tammy Tudor, Paul Arner, Rene Arner, Elizabeth Miklavcic

Pictured From Left To Right:
Jimmy Miklavcic, Tony Weller, Tammy Tudor, Paul Arner, Rene Arner, Elizabeth Miklavcic

Brown Bag Concert 1990

Jimmy Miklavcic - Conductor
Pictured From Left To Right:
Michael Larkin, Lori Nichol, Eleni Kambouris, Sarah Hudelson, Chara Huckins, Elizabeth Miklavcic

Jimmy Miklavcic - Conductor
Pictured From Left To Right:
Lori Nichol, Eleni Kambouris, Sarah Hudelson, Chara Huckins, Elizabeth Miklavcic

Photographs by: John Brandon


This has been an amazing season for Another Language Performing Arts Company, not only due to the company's twenty-fifth anniversary celebration, but also because of a continuous series of fantastic accomplishments and events.

The company's season begins in December. Work continues year-round on different projects including live performances, website archiving and the completion of DVD media projects.

Even before this season began, work took place with the goal of renovating the historical section on the Another Language website. Restoration of digitized footage in all different formats from VHS, Hi-8mm, DVC-Pro and Mini-DV took place at all hours of the day and night. The goal was to create a historical archive that would be available during the two-week Spring celebration of 25 Years of Creative Expression, in March and April, 2010. Many historical movies and images remain available to the public.

December 2009 saw the completion of the InterPlay: Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek DVD. This project, developed in 2006, was an exploration into the tenuous devotion that people have towards the inundating wave of digital information and non-experiential knowledge. Packet Creek depicted the Internet with its flow of disassembled pieces of data that course throughout the world like schools of spawning salmon. Dancing on the Banks examined ritualistic gyrations that are expressed as information is created, disseminated, searched, and acquired. Using the metaphor of fluid motion and dynamics the project portrayed the immense amount of non-experiential knowledge and its influences. The expansive range between truth and fiction or frivolity and importance were just some of the creative investigations and artistic expressions that were explored through music, dance, video, computer graphics and remote motion capture MIDI control. This DVD is available at the Another Language web store.

On January 29-30, 2010, Elizabeth A. Miklavcic performed a new work, Face-to-Face, for Callous Physical Theatre's Big Dance/Little Space, a festival of dance performed on a 5-foot by 5-foot stage at the Old Town Actors Studio in Pocatello, Idaho. This festival was produced and directed by Paul Zmolek and Josephine Garibaldi. Big Dance/Little Space was the first production by Callous Physical Theatre in Pocatello since directors Josephine and Paul relocated from Tacoma, Washington, to join the Theatre and Dance faculty at Idaho State University. Big Dance/Little Space was made possible, in part, by support from the Pocatello Arts Commission, Idaho Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

January also marked the completion of the InterPlay: Carnivale 2008 project DVD. This performance was an examination of the mystery of the performing soul through an amalgamation of a variety of celebratory performance forms such as circus, Mardi Gras, carnival, amusement park, fair and arcade. The live, distributed, real-time, surrealist, cinematic performance unfolded as if one walked into memories of a by-gone era. This DVD is available at the Another Language web store.

February saw the completion of the InterPlay: AnARTomy 2009 project DVD. This performance explored the human body as a complex system of thought and action where the simplest impulse can generate the most amazing human motion. The subject of AnARTomy was an exploration into this very personal receptacle as a connector through which humans operate, activate and live. This DVD is available at the Another Language web store.

In March, Elizabeth had the honor to participate in a visual art show, Landscape: Shaken Gently with a Twist. The opening reception was held March 19, 2010, and the gallery exhibit ran from March 19-April 9, 2010. Elizabeth created two new digital paintings for this group showing of visual artists. The exhibit was hosted by Art Access/VSA Utah; VSA is an affiliate of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Landscape was vetted and hosted by Executive Director Ruth Lubbers and Assistant Director Sheryl Gillilan.

March 26-28 and April 2-3 saw the performance of a new, original project InterPlay: Event Horizon. The concept of Event Horizon was based on the exploration of the unknown, by reveling in the discovery of what could be just beyond sight or knowledge. The participating artists wrestled with the question: "How does one approach or attempt to work within an emerging medium, where constant upgrades change the landscape of creation?" InterPlay: Event Horizon was a combination of dance, music, poetry, animation and cinematography. The performance included a designed multi-layered cinematic display. 2010 marked the eighth InterPlay project co-directed by Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic. During this time, Company Directors participated in podcast, web and television interviews; and Another Language gratefully saw feature articles in Salt Lake Magazine, Salt Lake City Weekly, Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News.

March 29-April 1; Another Language held a series of community artists, leaders and activists' panel discussions. The March 29th panel was Artistic Administration - How it has grown and changed over the past twenty-five years. Panelists were Nancy Boskoff, Victoria Panella Bourns, Jim Glenn, Casey Jarman, Ruth Lubbers, and Brent Schneider. The March 30th panel was Community Artists and Activists - Share thoughts on the use of technology in art, presentations and events. Panelists were Derek Dyer, Sean Guymon, Matthew Loel T. Hepworth, Scott Iwasaki, John Schaefer, Brian Staker and Kersten Swinyard. The March 31st panel was Utah InterPlay participants discuss the experience of performing in an InterPlay and share thoughts on performance as it blends with technology. Panelists were Erik Brown, Harold Carr, Flavia Cervino-Wood, Travis Eberhard, Paul Heath, Cynthia Hogan, Priscilla Steed, and Joni Urry Wilson. The April 1st panel took place using the Access Gridtm and was Discussions on Telematic performance with Access Grid technology. Panelists were Jeff Carpenter, Mike Daley, Scott Deal, Joe Geigel and Bob Huebert. All panel discussions were archived and will remain available on the public level of the InterPlay: Event Horizon web page until the end of September 2010. Further information is available on the InterPlay: Event Horizon project page.

April 9th Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic traveled to Saint George, Utah, where the Company Directors presented the second edition of InterPlay: Performing on a High Tech Wire for the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters spring conference. Founded April 3, 1908, the Utah Academy of Sciences was organized to promote investigations and diffuse knowledge in all areas of science. In June 1933 at the annual meeting, the Academy was enlarged to include the arts and letters, and the name was changed to the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters. In the mid 1980s, the scope of the Academy was expanded still further to include 1) Business, 2) Education, 3) Engineering, 4) Library Information and Instruction, and 5) Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Beginning with the 1998 issue, the journal is now The Journal of the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.

Earlier in the season, the Another Language Directors participated in an on-line interview process for On-the-Move organization. The publication, Excited Atoms by Judith Staines, presented by On-the-Move, is an exploration of virtual mobility in the contemporary performing arts. "Excited Atoms outlines a history of virtual mobility in performance, presents the main types of work with inspiring current examples and traces some of the most critical issues and motivations for artists, cultural producers and promoters to collaborate, share, make, question, present and innovate using virtual mobility. In-depth interviews with twenty-one key practitioners, cultural managers and critical observers share informed points-of-view from around the world. This educational document covers networked performance ... enlarging the action radius ... participatory strategies ... one-way, two-way and third spaces in interactive performance ... virtual stages ... avatars ... live streaming of work in progress ... transdisciplinarity ... and so much more. The study was funded by the Fundacion Autor." Excited Atoms was released; free to the public, on April 9th and received over 4,000 downloads during the first week. The link to Judith Staines publication is available on the Another Language home page.

In May, Elizabeth and Jimmy were invited by Nicole Larsen to create a short film, Salt Lake City in 90 Seconds for submission to TorinOver10. Torino, Italy is Salt Lake's sister city, the festival held throughout Torino will include videos from invited artists and displayed in public areas. TorinOver10 is presented in collaboration with the Department of Commerce, Tourism and Urban Marketing of Torino and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry for Cultural Heritage, Regione Piemonte, Provincia di Torino Citta di Torino, District 7. Work on this project took place through June and included hours of footage from different places of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, which were then edited into a ninety-second video.

July saw the completion of Music for Bubble Biters-The History DVD. The process of assembling this DVD included finding and restoring nine Another Language performances from 1987-1993 of Jimmy Miklavcic's original music composition. Included are performances that took place for the Brown Bag Concert Series and Sounds That Arts Makes in Salt Lake City, the Utah Performing Arts Tour in Park City and Springdale, Utah and the International Composer-to-Composer Festival in Telluride, Colorado. The completion of this historical DVD finishes the two-disc set that accompanies Music for Bubble Biters-The Mockumentary a film, created in 2005, that spoofs the Bubble Biter performance experience. This DVD set is available at the Another Language web store.

Website documentation of InterPlay: Event Horizon was completed in July and the authoring of InterPlay: Event Horizon DVD is slated to be finished by the end of September.
-By Elizabeth A. Miklavcic

*Directors Note - If you feel a little dizzy after reading this, imagine how we feel!! Thanks to our wonderful board of directors, the talented artists and incredible volunteers that made Another Language Performing Arts Company's celebration of 25 Years of Creative Expression a year filled with artistic projects and amazing experiences.
-Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic

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Digital Images by Beth Miklavcic

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