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Other Minds Festival
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New York, NY

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AMDA College & Conservatory
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The Pauline Blanchard Trust

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Jimmy Miklavcic
Founding Co-Director

Elizabeth Miklavcic
Founding Co-Director


Another Language Directors, Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic, received the 1995 Utah Arts Festival/Mayor's Artists Award in Performing Arts.

InterPlay: Loose Minds in a Box was honored as a national semi-finalist for the 2006 Peoria Prize for Creativity.

InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno received a 2007 City Weekly Artys Staff Award for Best Real-time, Distributed, Surrealistic, Cinema.

InterPlay: Carnivale received a 2008 City Weekly Artys Readers Choice Award for Best Opera/ Symphony performance by Travis Eberhard and Artemio Contreras.

InterPlay: AnARTomy was awarded the 2009 City Weekly Artys Staff Award - Best Reason To Set Your Alarm Sunday Morning.

Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters The Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters chose InterPlay: Performing on a High Tech Wire written by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic to receive the 2010 Best Paper Award in the Arts Category.

Duel*Ality 1.0 was awarded the Salt Lake City Weekly's 2011 Artys Staff Award - Best Mixed-Media Performance Art.



Another Language Performing Arts Company's Art-of-the-Month was created to publicly feature a variety of visual art expressions created by the directors of Another Language. Exhibiting abstract acrylic to digital paintings, and running the gambit in-between, this gallery exhibition offers the viewer an online gallery experience with a new addition each month. The Art-of-the-Month web program began September 2010, and currently features 42 paintings, showing a body of work spanning decades. Extensive visual art galleries are available to supporting members in the Membership area of the website.

Veil By Elizabeth Miklavcic

Veil (2003) is a digital painting using Bryce, depicting a landscape of the imagination.

Heart and Mind By Jimmy Miklavcic

Heart and Mind (2013) is one of a series of five acrylic on board paintings that was created during the spring of 2013. This piece started as a mono print (pressing two paintings together) and then work continued until it took on its own personality. Acrylic on board (12" x 12").


The Road To Widtsoe Photograph: Paul Heath
Another Language Performing Arts Company is developing it’s newest project, Ghost Town. This work takes place completely online and is crowd sourced! We are excited to open participation to artists of all genres.

This newsletter edition features the photography and text of Paul Heath:
Donna [Pence] and I stumbled across Widtsoe while actually looking for property to purchase near Highway 12 in southern Utah. Widtsoe is located north of Bryce on Johns Valley Road which goes on to Antimony. It is near a canyon road which can take you to Escalante if the roads are passable. We had room reservations in Escalante and we were tempted to try to navigate it, but it was near sunset and the roads were snowy. We opted to be safe, so we turned to get back to Johns Valley Road. It was late December and the temperature was cold, but the evening light was warm and inviting. Our eyes were attracted to an abandoned stucco home (as seen in the photograph). The eerie thing about the home, is the interior walls were all exposed lathe, with very little plaster. It had arched doorways and room dividers, giving the home a mission style feel, which you can imagine was quite beautiful in its heyday. We snapped several pictures while stumbling over random piles of rusted tin and aluminum cans. With the notion of purchasing property, I couldn’t help but think of this home as a massive fixer-upper. The amber evening light faded quickly and we were soon back on the road in the warmth of Donna’s Forester.
Abandoned Stucco Home Photograph: Paul Heath
Looking the town up on Wikipedia, I have learned that it was established in 1908 as Adairville, then became Winder when they got a post office in 1912 and eventually was named Widtsoe after John A. Widtsoe, then president of the University of Utah and an agricultural scientist whose expertise in dry farming had been very helpful to area farmers. It was a thriving agricultural community until stricken by drought in the 20’s and 30’s. At its height, there were 1,100 people living there. By 1936, it was abandoned with the government buying back property and homes from impoverished landowners under the Resettlement Act. Government workers tore down most of the buildings and only a few houses and an old community building still stand on the site. Thoughts go out to the communities in California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah who are experiencing drought conditions today.
About Paul Heath:
Paul Heath is a life-long Salt Lake City artist with a BFA in Drawing & Painting from the University of Utah. As well as doing local public and private art commissions, Paul also pursues careers as a television graphic designer and as a K-6 art teacher. Paul’s work focuses on a sense of place which is reflected in several of his community based public art commissions.
Participate in the Ghost Town Project:
Another Language is encouraging investigations of Utah ghost towns. Original photographs, movies, animations, visual art, music soundscapes, poetry and text compositions submitted by participating artists will be uploaded to Correlations between historical ghost towns and modern conceptual ghost towns are encouraged. What is your personal ghost town? What do you see, think, and feel when experiencing a place that was once thriving?

Do You Want to Share Your Artistic Vision in the
Utah Ghost Town Project?

Here's How:
Ghost Town is a crowd sourced, interdisciplinary web based project, focusing on the concept that ghost towns were once bustling historic places that are now remnants of bygone eras.

Fill out the artist registration form on the Another Language Performing Arts Company website. All work submitted must be original, created by the registered artist. The artist grants Another Language the right to publish any and all submitted content. Another Language maintains the right to curate all submitted content. A Ghost Town site, containing artist content, biography and artist statement will be created for each location, and made publicly available in 2015 for Another Language Performing Arts Company’s 30th Anniversary. Further information will be provided upon participation approval.

Media Formats: Text - [Poetry, Short Story, Interdisciplinary] Send text entries via email. The text can be sent either as plain text in the body of the email or as an attached Microsoft Word document [.doc(x)]. Please include one photo (JPEG, 720 x 480 horizontal, 400 x 600 vertical, 72 dpi.) of the ghost town that you have visited.

Video - [Audio/Music, Dance, Film/Video, Multimedia, Performance Art, Theatre, Interdisciplinary]Encode files as QuickTime H.264 (720 x 423 [16:9]), maximum 20-minute time limit, hinted for streaming download. Adobe Flash format animations or video not accepted.

Audio - [Audio/Music, Interdisciplinary] Encode files as MPEG3 (.mp3), maximum 20-minute time limit. Please include one photo (JPEG, 720 x 480 horizontal, 400 x 600 vertical, 72 dpi.) of the ghost town that you have visited.

Image - [Visual Art/Photography, Sculpture, Interdisciplinary] JPEG, 720 x 480 – horizontal, 400x600 vertical, 72 dpi. Visual Art – Paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, etc. are to be photographed or scanned as digital images. Photographic coverage, include 8 - 12 images of selected site.

If you have further questions about participation please email info(at)anotherlanguage(dot)org or call (801) 707-9930. We look forward to hearing from you!

Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic – Founding Co-Directors ALPAC

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Digital Images by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic

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