Season XXX Volume 12 Issue 4 October-December 2015


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Unknown Mother
By Lily Havey

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Other Minds Festival
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Kent Christensen
New York, NY

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AMDA College & Conservatory
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The Pauline Blanchard Trust

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Kathy Valburg
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Jimmy Miklavcic
Founding Co-Director

Elizabeth Miklavcic
Founding Co-Director


Another Language Directors, Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic, received the 1995 Utah Arts Festival/Mayor's Artists Award in Performing Arts.

InterPlay: Loose Minds in a Box was honored as a national semi-finalist for the 2006 Peoria Prize for Creativity.

InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno received a 2007 City Weekly Artys Staff Award for Best Real-time, Distributed, Surrealistic, Cinema.

InterPlay: Carnivale received a 2008 City Weekly Artys Readers Choice Award for Best Opera/ Symphony performance by Travis Eberhard and Artemio Contreras.

InterPlay: AnARTomy was awarded the 2009 City Weekly Artys Staff Award - Best Reason To Set Your Alarm Sunday Morning.

Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters The Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters chose InterPlay: Performing on a High Tech Wire written by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic to receive the 2010 Best Paper Award in the Arts Category.

Duel*Ality 1.0 was awarded the Salt Lake City Weekly's 2011 Artys Staff Award - Best Mixed-Media Performance Art.



Another Language Performing Arts Company's Art-of-the-Month was created to publicly feature a variety of visual art expressions created by the directors of Another Language. Exhibiting abstract acrylic to digital paintings, and running the gambit in-between, this gallery exhibition offers the viewer an online gallery experience with a new addition each month. The Art-of-the-Month web program began September 2010, and features a variety of paintings, showing a body of work spanning decades. Extensive visual art galleries are available to supporting members in the Membership area of the website.

July 25, 2015 (1)
By Elizabeth &
Jimmy Miklavcic

July 25, 2015 (2)
By Elizabeth &
Jimmy Miklavcic

These digital paintings, created July 25, 2015 are included in the ongoing "Tag-You're-It" collaborative series by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic. The paintings are created on an iPad 2 using ArtStudio version 5.13 software.


Georgetown By Olivia Thayne (Age 5)

Another Language wraps up its 30th anniversary celebration with a grateful thank you for each decade of the life of the Company since its inception in 1985! We are overwhelmed with the generous and amazing Ghost Town projects contributed by many wonderful and talented artists of all levels, with participants ranging from ages five to ninety.
Over thirty-four artists from various artistic disciplines have completed their Ghost Town projects in our ongoing digital exhibition. Artists from nine organizations including Callous Physical Theater, Weber State University, University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Salt Lake Community College, College of Eastern Utah, Art Access, Sego Lily School and Another Language Performing Arts Company have participated in the Ghost Town Project.

Terrace By Roz Newmark
The current projects drew inspiration from sites in 18 Utah counties. As of September 2015, the digital exhibition displays 304 photographs, 71 visual art works, 24 movies, 15 music files, 5 poems/stories/lyrics and many pages of descriptive, historical and anecdotal text. At the writing of this newsletter, there have been over 183,147 visits from 9,822 unique hosts to the Ghost Town Project website. Artists who have completed their projects are listed below and the links take you to their biographies:

Jan Abramson and Victoria Mansell, Callous Physical Theatre - Jos├ęphine Garibaldi, Paul Zmolek, Julie Leir-VanSickle and Bridget Close, Barbara Chamberlain, Babs Delay and Bella Hall, Sheryl D. Gillilan, Brent Haddock, Hauns Mill - Nord Anderson and Eliza Wren, Lily Havey, Paul Heath, Dave Hogan, Alyssa Kay and Sego Lily School Students, Karen Knudsen, Alexis Levitt, Elizabeth Miklavcic, Jimmy Miklavcic, Sarah Morton, Roz Newmark, Marden Pond, Red Rock Rondo - Phillip Bimstein, Charlotte Bell, Hal Cannon, Harold Carr, Flavia Cervino-Wood and Kate MacLeod, Gretchen Reynolds, Sheri Sturdevant, Brian Thayne, Patti Thomas

Corrine Quilt By Sheryl Gillilan
Many participating artists explored more than one site. Links to the ghost towns are listed below:
Alta, Amache, Bingham Canyon, Bullion Canyon, Callao, Capitol Reef, Cisco, Clarion, Corinne, Deer Creek, Devil's Slide, Echo, Eureka, Fish Springs, Forest City, Georgetown, Gold Hill, Goshen, Grafton, Great Salt Lake, Gunnison Island, Lucin, Mammoth, Mercur, Miners Basin, Mount Pleasant, Ophir, Osiris, Park City, Rockwell's Station, Salt Lake City Cemetery, Sego, Silver Reef, Terrace, Thistle, Topaz, US, Widtsoe
Evolution of the arts occurs as new tools become available. Creating a crowd-sourced, online, concept-driven, multi-disciplinary project, became an option once telematic communications technology advanced to what we have available to us today. Thirty years ago we never could have imagined hosting a project such as this. What an interesting thirty years it has been!
Select the link provided for more information about the History of Another Language. Additionally, there are annual updates to the History Text, which is a descriptive narrative about the activities of Another Language Performing Arts Company.
Thanks again to the wonderful Ghost Town participants who have been so generous with their time and artistic talents!
By Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic - Founding Artistic Directors


Mercur By Babs Delay & Bella Hall
Concept: Once bustling historic places, ghost towns are now remnants of bygone eras where change required the inhabitants to leave their dreams behind. Ghost towns are similar to today's digital industry where workers tele-commute from their homes while the office spaces become vacant shells. Another Language is encouraging investigations of Utah ghost towns. Original photographs, dance, videos/movies, animations, visual art, music soundscapes, poetry and text compositions submitted by participating artists will be uploaded to Correlations between historical ghost towns and modern conceptual ghost towns are encouraged. What is your personal ghost town? What do you see, think, and feel when experiencing a place that was once thriving?

Participate in the Ghost Town Project:

Another Language's Ghost Town Project will continue throughout 2016. Original projects submitted by participating artists will be uploaded to To participate, go to Ghost Town Project for further information. Make sure to register to reserve your site! If you have questions please email info(at)anotherlanguage(dot)org or call (801) 707-9930.

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Another Language Performing Arts Company is a non-profit 501(c)(3) arts organization. Part of our mission is to combine different art forms in innovative ways and broaden access to cutting-edge performance art with today's technology. We have been able to pursue this mission with the generous support of our national, state and local granting organizations, and our contributing members

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Digital Images by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic

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