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Another Language Directors, Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic, received the 1995 Utah Arts Festival/Mayor's Artists Award in Performing Arts.

InterPlay: Loose Minds in a Box was honored as a national semi-finalist for the 2006 Peoria Prize for Creativity.

InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno received a 2007 City Weekly Artys Staff Award for Best Real-time, Distributed, Surrealistic, Cinema.

InterPlay: Carnivale received a 2008 City Weekly Artys Readers Choice Award for Best Opera/ Symphony performance by Travis Eberhard and Artemio Contreras.

InterPlay: AnARTomy was awarded the 2009 City Weekly Artys Staff Award - Best Reason To Set Your Alarm Sunday Morning.

Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters The Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters chose InterPlay: Performing on a High Tech Wire written by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic to receive the 2010 Best Paper Award in the Arts Category.

Duel*Ality 1.0 was awarded the Salt Lake City Weekly's 2011 Artys Staff Award - Best Mixed-Media Performance Art.



Another Language Performing Arts Company's Art-of-the-Month was created to publicly feature a variety of visual art expressions created by the directors of Another Language. Exhibiting abstract acrylic to digital paintings, and running the gambit in-between, this gallery exhibition offers the viewer an online gallery experience with a new addition each month. The Art-of-the-Month web program began September 2010, and features a variety of paintings, showing a body of work spanning decades. Extensive visual art galleries are available to supporting members in the Membership area of the website.

In A Twin Prop Plane
By Jimmy Miklavcic

Under Sedation
By Jimmy Miklavcic

These digital paintings are created on an iPad 2 using ArtStudio version 5.13 software.


Clarion, Utah By Brent Haddock
This newsletter edition features the Ghost Town projects of Marden Pond:
As I have had multiple opportunities over the years to create commemorative musical works pertaining to pioneers – including ghost towns and the intrepid souls who created them – it has become apparent to me that my efforts are not just about the rubble of some pre-existing dwelling place, but about the real people who dwelt there and the struggles and conquests these people experienced in these places. My musical expressions have been an attempt to reach into the now-still hearts of these hearty trailblazers, to feel in my own heart what they might have experienced, and hopefully, to place in the hearts of my listeners at least a bit of the courage, determination, sorrow, joy or desperation, loneliness or community, that these people felt.
I had become aware of the Clarion community in central Utah through a commission from the Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts association to create a single movement for the centennial celebration of the town held in 2011. (The project finally expanded to include a complete suite for viola and orchestra. I later had the privilege of visiting the site with a close friend and collaborator – photographer and printmaker, Brent Haddock – whose artistic vision further increased my awareness and love of this hallowed townsite.) Learning of this town introduced me to a whole culture of which I had been unaware – a Jewish agrarian community that struggled for five years to establish itself near Gunnison, Utah. I was so deeply moved by their cause, by their persistence, and by the ultimate collapse of their undertaking. The physical remnants of this community now include only a few crumbling building foundations, a tumble-down cistern, and a tiny cemetery; but the idealism and grit of these people, along with their enduring faith and ongoing persistence, have left an indelible reverence and gratitude for their efforts. In addition, the indomitable heritage bequeathed to their posterity has become an inspiration for their own descendents as well as for multiple generations of their Utah friends and neighbors.
Lambourne Bay View By Marden Pond
The dazzling landscape painter and eloquent author, Alfred Lambourne, created a one-man colony on Gunnison Island in the northwestern arm of the Great Salt Lake. Lambourne spent over a year living alone on the island, hoping to raise grapes and perhaps creating an artists colony. He hoped his long-term homestead there would allow him to personally claim the island. (This effort did not succeed, because he found no natural water source on the island and there were legal challenges to his ownership.) I was introduced to his work by fellow musician, Bruce Fowler, his great grandson. Having the rare opportunity to visit Gunnison Island with a pelican-surveying group from the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources, I spent an enchanting day – mostly by myself – searching the island for remnants of Lambourne’s cabin. This island visit changed my paradigm of the Great Salt Lake, from a barren expanse of salt and water, to an all-embracing realm of solitude and self-reflection. On this trip to the island, along with numerous driftwood remnants of the former railroad trestle that crossed the Lake, the only indicator of human presence was the pile of boards that were once a shack occupied by itinerant guano sifters (who gathered bird droppings to sell as fertilizer) while Lambourne inhabited the island. It wasn’t until another fortunate trip to the island the following year that I found the remaining obscure entrance to his cabin. The only indicator of the spot is a vertical set of stones that mark the doorway. Other remnants, such as the cast iron stove, and any building materials have either decayed away or been removed by rare-yet-thoughtless souvenir hunters. (This island is a protected space, unauthorized to visitors except Wildlife Resource personnel who carefully monitor the nesting pelican colony on the island.) Through my own life-changing visits to Gunnison Island, through Lambourne’s vivid writings, and through his enchanting paintings and drawings, I have come to know his heartfelt fondness for this lonely place.
It is a curious coincidence that both of these homesteads are named after, or are near to a place, named after John W. Gunnison, a U.S. Army officer who surveyed large tracts of Utah Territory. He accompanied explorer, Howard Stansbury to survey the Great Salt Lake valley in 1849. In 1853 he led a mapping expedition in preparation for the building of the transcontinental railroad. (There are also a town, a county, a National Forest, and a river in Colorado that bear his name.) Gunnison was killed in an Indian skirmish near Delta, Utah in that year.
By Marden Pond


Marden Pond
Marden Pond (b. 1950), recipient of the 2014 Alfred Lambourne Prize, is active as a composer, arranger, conductor, producer, author, and educator. He has taught music for nearly four decades, including positions at Saddleback College, Orange Coast College, Pepperdine University, the College of Eastern Utah, Utah State University Extension, Brigham Young University, Arizona State University, the University of Northern Colorado, Granite & Salt Lake City School Districts, & Utah Valley University (where he received the 2011 Faculty Excellence Award). Dr. Pond holds advanced music degrees from the University of Northern Colorado and Arizona State University. He is the author of books and articles on music theory, digital & electronic music, music pedagogy, music education, jazz improvisation, music for theatrical dance, & music in the home. The composer of music on over twenty recorded albums, Dr. Pond has also created music for jazz ensembles, symphony orchestras, choirs, the ballet stage, film (including the Emmy Award-winning film, The Shadow Of Light from Milestone Productions), video productions, modern dance groups, & a wide variety of chamber, studio, commercial & recording ensembles, a substantial amount of innovative electronic music, commissioned arrangements, & even commercial jingles. Produced in collaboration with concert pianist, David Glen Hatch, the CD, Title of Liberty, was named the 2008 Pearl Award winner as "Classical Instrumental Album of the Year." He has conducted numerous musical ensembles -- professional, recording studio, community, educational. These include symphonic groups (orchestras, bands, etc.), chamber ensembles, jazz groups, choirs, theater orchestras, etc. He arranged and conducted music for a special performance in Arlington National Cemetery on the one-year anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.

A prolific composer, Pond has over three hundred works listed in the ASCAP catalog, including jazz combo & big band compositions, historical works based on Americana, symphonies, cantatas, concert suites, commercial projects, and solo pieces. His works have been performed nationwide and recorded in Europe & the U.S. He has been named as Utah’s Composer of the Year & honored with awards and commissions from ASCAP, the National Endowment for the Arts, Meet-the-Composer (New York), Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, the National Pony Express Association, the Entrada Institute, several colleges and universities, the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition, the Utah Statehood Centennial Commission, and the Utah Governor’s Award for Contributions to International Understanding.

Marden Pond is noted as a unique composer, many of whose works provide a heroic and touching musical reflection of the American West. Note the following compositions that symbolically address the history, geography, and culture of Utah: Pioneer Sampler (an orchestral choral suite commissioned for the Utah Statehood Sesquicentennial Celebration), Fresh Courage Take (oratorio commissioned for the sesquicentennial remembrance of the Martin and Willie handcart companies), Windriders (commissioned for the national sesquicentennial celebration of the Pony Express), Echo Canyon Serenade (Symphony No. 2, commemorating the historical events surrounding the entry of Johnston’s Army into the territory of Deseret), Castle Valley Impressions (album commissioned to accompany scenic Southeastern Utah artwork by Brent Haddock), and Voices In the Wind (album/suite commissioned by the Entrada Institute to highlight the geographic and cultural treasures of the Colorado Plateau).

The Deseret News has called his music "electrifying" adding that Dr. Pond is an "artful and clever composer," and "a well-known composer with numerous commissioned works to his credit." Fanfare magazine notes that his compositions are "inventive and well-crafted." William Penn (CEO, producer, AUR Recordings/Publications) has exclaimed, "Hey, Marden Pond is a SUPER MAJOR TALENT -- WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The Herald praises his music as "masterful and intricate work."

For further information about Dr. Pond visit Linkedin

(All music and photos, Copyright ©2014 by Marden Pond.)

Participate in the Ghost Town Project:
Another Language Ghost Town Project continues throughout 2016. Original photographs, movies, animations, visual art, music soundscapes, poetry and text compositions submitted by participating artists will be uploaded to Correlations between historical ghost towns and modern conceptual ghost towns are encouraged. What is your personal ghost town? What do you see, think, and feel when experiencing a place that was once thriving?

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Digital Images by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic

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