Season XXXIV Volume 16 Issue 1 January-December 2019



Egyptian Theater Concert (1990)

Chara Huckins, Sarah Hudelson,
Lori Hunter, Eleni Kambouris,
Michael Larkin, Eric Robinson
Photo By Boyd Mitchell

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Another Language Performing Arts Company's Art-of-the-Month was created to publicly feature a variety of visual art expressions created by the directors of Another Language. Exhibiting abstract acrylic to digital paintings, and running the gambit in-between, this gallery exhibition offers the viewer an online gallery experience with a new addition each month. The Art-of-the-Month web program began September 2010, and features a variety of paintings, showing a body of work spanning decades. Extensive visual art galleries are available to supporting members in the Membership area of the website.

Clouds (2018)
By Jimmy Miklavcic

Delta (2018)
By Jimmy Miklavcic

The Theory Of Everything (2018) By Jimmy Miklavcic

White Oak Pastures (2018) By Jimmy Miklavcic

These digital paintings are an experiment in the simplification of structure.


Dooly Gallery Opening (1990) Pictured Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic
Photo by John Brandon
Another Language Performing Arts Company turned its focus toward documentation. Descriptions for performances and behind-the-scenes development from the second half of 1989 through 1990 were completed during the 2019 fiscal year.
The 1989 Another Language Holds A Conversation was the first company concert in the Artspace Studio. Many long hours were invested by Jimmy Miklavcic into getting the lighting system from the University of Utah's old dance building to work. Other challenges faced by Directors Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic included building theater lights, finding a marley floor, paying the first and last months rent, and setting up the utilities. All company members, consisting of Christopher Murry Ivins, Gunild Pak, Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic created, within a very short time span, new choreographic works for this very well received concert. Dances included a seventeen minute work by the company, In Some Language, that was comprised of Together Alone, Ignorance of Burden, and the Reprise. Other works in the program included Recovery by Guild Pak, Bootlegging by Christopher Murry Ivins and Jimmy Miklavcic, All of a Sudden by Elizabeth Miklavcic, A History of Timeless Connections by guest choreographer Kathryn Elliott, and the finale On All Fours. Descriptions for the Another Language Holds A Conversation Behind-The-Scenes videos were also completed.
1990 was a year filled with many projects, beginning with a site specific work for Bonnie Phillips. The Company, in collaboration with Art Bias presented Living Sculptures, a performance that took place for the opening Gala of Bonnie's Dooly Gallery in Park City. Another Language participated in Eastern Arts' Dance Jam, performing at Kingsbury Hall in an improvisation with the on-stage jazz band, led by Bob Pierson, as they played an outside version of Doxy, a Sony Rollins composition. The organizers of The Second Annual Granite District Writing Festival held April 21, 1990, invited several performing groups that incorporated written material into their performances to participate. Performers included June Miller - Story Teller, Kate MacLeod - Folk Singer and Song Writer, The Junior Shakespeare Company under the direction of Frank Gerrish, and Another Language Performing Arts Company. Unfortunately, there is no video documentation of this event.
As part of the Utah Performing Arts Tour, Another Language Performing Arts Company spent a day at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. Elizabeth Miklavcic taught a tapping in tennis shoes dance class as part of the residency, while Jimmy Miklavcic, Gunild Pak and Christopher Murry Ivins worked in the theatre preparing for the evening concert.The program of this performance was a mixture of dance and theatre works from the 1989 Another Language Holds A Conversation and the upcoming On The Gutting Ledge concert that would be held in June of 1990. Jimmy Miklavcic refers to this concert as the company's most Dada experience ever due to the surprisingly vocal, and engaged audience at Snow College. The only exception to this was the February 6, 2016 Dada 100th Anniversary Celebration sponsored by Cat and Tony Weller, held at Weller Book Works in Trolly Square on February 6, 2016.
In keeping with the name of this concert, On The Gutting Ledge, Another Language Performing Arts Company focused on challenging works that crossed boundaries between dance and theatre. The concert consisted of all new original works created and performed by company members, including Corn Husks by Gunild Pak, Foibles of Faith by Elizabeth Miklavcic, torch songs You're Mean to Me and Keepin' Out of Mischief sung by Kenneth Ezell Bass, Glimpse at the Goober in Your Galoshes co-created by Christopher Murry Ivins and Elizabeth Miklavcic, Train danced by Christopher Murry Ivins and choreographed by Julie Preston who became a company member in 1991, Nuclear Ovulation by Christopher Murry Ivins, and Company Tasks in Clapping Stacks by Gunild Pak. Descriptions for three On The Gutting Ledge Behind-The-Scenes videos were also completed.
Elizabeth Miklavcic performed solo tap dance numbers between noon and 1:00pm, in different locations throughout the June 1990 Utah Arts Festival at the Triad Center. It was a challenging and fun, street tap dancing experience performing on cobble stones in 95+ degrees Fahrenheit. Jimmy Miklavcic performed Samuel Becket's Krapp's Last Tape at the Another Language Performance Studio directed by Kenneth Ezell Bass. Another Language was invited to give an improvisational performance for the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) conference. The Company worked with banners that participants created during the conference. Dancers for this event were Chara Huckins, Eleni Kambouris and Elizabeth Miklavcic
Another Language was booked to perform for the Brown Bag Concert Series. The noon Brown Bag Concerts, sponsored by the Salt Lake City Arts Council under the direction of Casey Jarman, took place through the summer in Salt Lake City at different outside locations. This performance was held at Exchange Place and marks the expansion of the company to a seven member ensemble. The concert began with an Improvisation, then Elizabeth performed A Dog's Breath Comes In Green by Jimmy Miklavcic, followed by Ignorance of Burden by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic, Music For Bubble Biters by Jimmy Miklavcic and Plax Attax by Elizabeth Miklavcic. Another outdoor performance was in Memory Grove Park located at the base of City Creek Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah. Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic gave two performances of Photographic Memory in front of the Meditation Chapel.
Sounds That Art Makes was a massive project held at the Another Language Performance Studio on October 26-27. Videos of the various performances include Music for Bubble Biters, performed by Another Language; Elemental Alchemies by Mark C. Jackman, Raven (Diane) Simons and Scott Simons; Glimpse at the Goober in Your Galoshes co-created by Christopher Murry Ivins and Elizabeth Miklavcic and performed by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic; Louie Louie Variations composed by Phillip K. Bimstein and performed by the Desert Strings; Garland Hirschi's Cows composed by Phillip K. Bimstein with video by Steven Cooper and photography by Blanche Bimstein; Being Time by Harold Carr, Andrew Voigt and Steve Flygare; Inside Out composed by Andrew Voigt, danced by Eponine Cuervo Moll, performed by Andew Voigt and Harold Carr; Improvisations by Henry Kaiser and Jin Hi Kim and an improvisational Finale with Henry Kaiser, Jin Hi Kim, Harold Carr, Andre Voigt and Eponine Cuervo Moll.
The final performance for 1990 was November 30 at the Egyptian Theater in Park City, Utah. The concert was sponsored by Claudia F. Ward the President of the Park City Foundation for the Arts and Humanities. Unfortunately, there is no video record of this concert. Another Language gave Lecture Demonstrations, Elizabeth Miklavcic was a guest choreographer for Weber State University and four Artist's Exchanges were held at the Another Language Performance Studio.
Thank you for taking this 1989-1990 historical journey with us.

Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic - Founding Co-Directors

Photo Restoration
Restoration continues on a photo session from 1988. Most of the second page of photographs by John Brandon are available for viewing, with about five photographs left to complete, in the 1988 History. This photo session is historically important, especially since two of those dancers have passed away from complications due to AIDS, reaffirming the importance of this documentation.

Paul Callahan danced for Ririe-Woodbury while Doug Miklos formed his own dance company in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Brent Schneider danced for Repertory Dance Theater, became assistant to the Dean of Fine Arts at the University of Utah, and Director of Dance at the University of Utah. Gunild Pak did so many things including moving to the Netherlands and forming her own dance company there, as well as dancing for Another Language, and being a critic for Dance Magazine. Elizabeth Miklavcic is the Founding Co-Director of Another Language Performing Arts Company now in its thirty-forth year of operation.
Back-L to R: Gunild Pak, Doug Miklos, Elizabeth Miklavcic,
Front-Left to Right: Paul Callihan, Brent Schneider
Photo by John Brandon

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Digital Images by Elizabeth Miklavcic

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