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Follow the adventures and misadventures of this crazy band of musicians!

University of Utah Intermountain Networking and Scientific Computation Center- Salt Lake City, Utah - January 14, 2005
Just Another Film Festival (Foursite Film Festival) - Ogden, Utah - March 24, 2005
First Night - Salt Lake City, Utah - December 31, 2005
Your Indies Are Showing - Springville, Utah - June 6, 2006
Brolly Arts H20 Event- Salt Lake City, Utah - September 27-October 2, 2010


Artistic obsession and the need to create takes on many forms and some of them are so unconventional that the adventure of bringing the idea into reality is more of a struggle then the actual performance. This is the case with Music for Bubble Biters, shot in the Mockumentary film style the story follows Jimmy the conductor and creator of the Bubble Biters composition as he sets the work on a new cast. Some members of the cast have issues with what they are being asked to do, which is play an instrument that is a bowl of water.

The film begins with the first meeting of the new cast and shows their reaction to what they are being asked to do. For a couple members of the cast, the idea is just a bit too strange, others are hesitant, those who were in the original cast, are all for starting up again. The reactions of the cast members are representative of how the general public often responds to a new artistic idea.

As rehearsals progress, some of the cast has to be replaced, and there is a near drowning. Tony who was a member of the original cast in the 1980's finds a resurgence of his need to participate in guerilla art attacks such as he used to do "back in the day." Bus finds himself facing his own fears about his commitment to this strange performance. Erik has to find a path through his inherent shyness, and in the opposite direction Jimmy has to wrangle Aaron a professional water musician who travels around the country with his entourage of fans.

As the performance nears, the main issue becomes will there be an audience to see the concert and does a full house really matter when the triumph is really bringing the piece to fruition in the first place. When the cast finally does get it together, magic happens and it is a glorious moment.

As the members of the cast go back to their daily routines we see how the experience of being a Bubble Biter has affected their lives and shows the value of artistic expression in whatever form it takes.

Through interviews with the cast and conductor, the Bubble Biters story is told with honesty, vulnerability, humor and the true belief that art changes peoples lives and makes our world a better place because of the people who are willing to take creative risks.