Projects - Production Elements Presentation
Supercomputing Global 2006 Tampa, Florida


On Wednesday, Novemeber 15, 2006 Beth and Jimmy Miklavcic gave a Performance and Presentation Production Elements demonstration during the Collaborative Performing Arts session for the Supercomputing Global Showcase at the Tampa Convention Center. This presentation examined ways to improve the video and audio sent by users of the Access Grid. As more meetings move into this visual realm, the camera puts users under a so-called magnifying glass. To make video conference meetings effective, improving the quality of the video and audio must come to the forefront. Beth Miklavcic focused on the video component. She examined the formatting or point-of-view of camera placement, the improvement of desktop lighting, and background simplification. Examples applying these principles for meetings and performances were shown. Jimmy Miklavcic covered audio components. He examined microphone set up and the newest microphones available for the best audio result. Performance topics such as echo canceling were discussed. He focused on a variety of audio problems including audio etiquette during a video conferencing meeting.

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Photos by TJ Rogers