Projects - Elements - Directed by: Nadja Masura   Hosted by: University of Maryland

February 3 - 4, 2006

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Beth and Jimmy Miklavcic
Audience Discussion
Photographs: Bruce Boyes

Another Language performed in Elements, an interdisciplinary telematic performance with the Digital Performance Group at the University of Maryland Department of Dance at 6pm (MST) February 3-4, 2006. The performance took place simultaneously in both College Park, Maryland and Salt Lake City, Utah. Another Language performed its portion in the Intermountain Networking and Scientific Computation Center Auditorium 155 S. 1452 E, University of Utah. The local Utah audience was invited free of charge to have a behind the scenes look at a telematic performance. They were able to see how two sites were integrated to create a single work.

This work was created through collaboration between artists and scholars in Art, Dance, Music and Theatre utilizing teleconferencing, motion triggering, animation, and video projection to stimulate creative conversations between movement, words, sounds and visual images. "Elements" represents the Digital Performance Group's cumulative exploration to technology as a connection between each other and our environment, and expresses elemental interpretations as diverse as the breath of life, persona relationships to the land, our current fiery political climate, and the fluid currents of change.

- Nadja Masura