Projects - Six Seconds Around Me_Sign The Sound (2008)
June - October 2008

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Thanks to Junko Simons who made us aware of this project by FaticArt we were able to participate by contributing two images and a video clip. This project was shown in Vincenza, Viterbo, Rome, Benevento and the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) Naples, Italy.

The philosophy of the Six Seconds Around Me_Sign The Sound is: In our living social/ the society, is difficult to divide the relationship between music, sound and noise. We are all present and distracted. We are all on the same sonorous boat but have a possibility to express and to create our daily flow of pleasures and displeasures of sonority. The art in fact enters overbearing through our choice: we can to connect sounds to visions that consequently are transformed in feelings. Sign the Sound is an event full of images/visions tied to ours feel (music-sound-noise) that becomes contemporary signs of art. We are Art, the music belongs to us: make a sign.
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