Projects - Six Seconds Around Me (2008)
June - October 2008

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Runtime is 6 seconds at 300 kbits/seconds.

Six Seconds Around Me - Landscape of Sound and Moving Images
FaticArt Project Philosophy: Open the window and film my world: feelings, set in action, reflections, visions, reactions, all this in the lapse of time of seconds. Landscape of images and sounds that is around me. The project call was for artists from all the world. "It is necessary to send material of the duration from 1 to 6 seconds (from the title of the event) of images/photo in sequence (moving images), with ambient sound."

This six second clip is from the performance for SIGGRAPH 2005 in Los Angeles, California utilized the Access GridTM videoconference communications tool to achieve a multi-site, live, real-time, distributed, surrealistic, cinematic event. Tina Shah performed at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Chicago in Illinois, Professor Charles Nichols at the University of Montana, Professor William Scott Deal at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and Elizabeth Miklavcic performed in Salt Lake City, Utah at the University of Utah. Another Language is among the pioneers working in this area. Jimmy Miklavcic- University of Utah, Miho Aoki-University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and Dioselin Gonzales-Purdue University manipulated digital programs live during the performance.

Loose Minds in a Box was a collaborative work that explores the basic concept of the "box". The box is a metaphor for the physical, social, political or psychological constraints that we and/or others place upon us. The box also represents a sense of place in the realm of the virtual as well as in our sub-conscience. With the aid of performance artists, electro-acoustic musicians/composers, virtual reality and motion capture artists/technologists and others. We looked at many of the numerous representations the "box" encompasses.