Daisy Chain - An Anarchic Performance Event
May 13, 2011 - The Two

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Entertain Us - Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic search for meaning as they watch an artist in a white shredded costume roll around on the floor.

Light Liar - Expressions about seeing through the lying light of the lying light liar.

You're Not Invited - Jimmy joins a band without them knowing about it.

Ghosts In The Code - Echoes of digital feedback appear on the screen.

Mixing It Up - A metaphorical blending.

Shadows Of Popcorn, Eat My Eyes - A repeated phrase, like a broken record.

Clari-Thump-Net - Evokes feelings of a very twisted 1950's television theme song.

Full Duplex - Where data can flow in both directions simultaneously.

Black Lines, Purple Squiggles - A straight-forward comment about the random images appearing on the screen.

Digital Dinner - "I-I-I doooo believe, we are having a digital dinna."

Daisy Chain Blues - Jimmy plays the Ukulele and sings the Daisy Chain Blues, while Elizabeth dances in silhouette.

Clapsticks - Rhythm of time passing.

Double Exposure - Digital feedback creates a haunting effect in Double Exposure.

Muaah - A dance. A chant.

Holes In The Net - Digital Poetry.

Ganesh's Dance - The joy of moving in a reflective pool of light.

Show Your Appreciation - The sound of two hands clapping.

Mush Mouth - Mwha mwigh mwhee bwee twalkmwin mwabou? Bike.

Popcorn Gothic - The Finale.