Projects - Ghost Town (2014-2016)

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Cisco Noise By Callous Physical Theater
by Callous Physical Theatre
This movie of Cisco focuses on found sounds including the ever present wind. It is part of a multimedia piece titled Pareidolia, that involves audio/music, dance, film/video, interdisciplinary, poetry, and performance art.

Cisco Glass By Callous Physical Theater

For our Ghost Town project Callous Physical Theatre primitive camped near the old Dewey Suspension Bridge – itself a “ghost bridge” that burned soon after it was reconstructed – which was near the remnants of an old school house. From here we collected and created source material from the Dewey Bridge, Cisco, Sego and Miners Basin. We will continue to develop this material for "Pareidoilia", exhibited at our website.

Cisco Bottle Cap By Callous Physical Theater

Cisco, while technically a Ghost Town still has a few residents whose posted No Trespassing signs warn off curious tourists and annoying artists. We were drawn to the glass, metal and wood remnants that filled the desert on the outskirts of town.

Cisco Drive Thru By Callous Physical Theater