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The Ghost Town project involves many different artists and artistic interpretations. Below are responses inspired by some of the sites:

Selected Comments & Questions

Your [Rockwell Station] video and commentary was so touching. The long ride there of seemingly endless roads gives a feeling of the distances that the pony express riders must have experienced. You’re right, too, about the building. It would have made a great “stop” for people to view. I love old buildings and find it incredible that people would rather tear them down than save them. In Japan, especially on the western side, there are abandoned buildings by the score. The younger people are moving to the cities and no one wants the upkeep of these amazing structures.
- Lily Havey

I looked through the entries on your Ghost Town page and really enjoyed them. The Park City video was particularly nicely done. And your description of your trip (almost) to Forest City brought back some good memories. My trail running friends and I used to go into upper American Fork Canyon from Alta or Brighton, and we were equally dismayed at all the ATV and motorcycle traffic. And to add to that, now Snowbird has expanded into the area, so there's ski area traffic up there most of the year. It used to be a wonderful place to go backcountry skiing. Sigh...
- Dave Hanscom

Participating in Ghost Town was was truly a remarkable and transformative experience for me.
- Bridget Close

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