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by Marden Pond

Excerpts pertaining to the Great Salt Lake’s Gunnison Island,from the musical suite/soundscape/album composed by Marden Pond (ASCAP)

Sanctuary - The Suite:
Having grown up in the Salt Lake Valley, composer Marden Pond developed a deep love – perhaps even reverence – for the fascinating natural beauty of the valley, the region, and the State. Dr. Pond was introduced to the writings and artwork of Alfred Lambourne by a fellow musician and relative of Alfred Lambourne, Bruce Fowler. Lambourne’s book, Our Inland Sea, provided a creative springboard for Pond, who composed a musical suite and audio album (on the Music Enterprises label) based on Lambourne’s colorful descriptions in his Great Salt Lake memoirs. This suite might be compared to a major evocative film score, where nature itself is the epic movie.

In September 2014, Marden Pond was awarded the Alfred Lambourne Prize for his musical suite/soundscape, Sanctuary. This award is given to a visual, literary, or musical artist whose work "most speaks to the inspiration and wonder that our Lake evokes." The award organizers further emphasize the significance of this prize: "Through artistic expressions, we enhance our capacity to build awareness about Great Salt Lake and our need to preserve and protect it for the future."

Sanctuary - selected movements (excerpts from six out of the fourteen movements):

To purchase the Sanctuary Album go to Facebook, CD Baby, or iTunes.