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N. Barry Carver

N. Barry Carver is a longtime friend of Another Language, a former board member, and very proud of the association.

He has worked in several media but likes acrylic on canvas and spoken word best. His works vary greatly, from meticulous to fervent, from ridiculous to sublime - but always with an additional meaning, a hidden objective, or some trick or circumstance that makes them one-of-a-kind in several ways each.

Barry is a service related disabled veteran, and the proud father of two sons, who has been writing professionally, as well as sculpting and painting since the late 1970's. He has had careers in acting, filmmaking, and broadcast news (producing and reporting).

A modern renaissance man, he has pursued each of these fields with enthusiasm and tenacity. As the son of an autoworker and a cashier, and being neither, he claims that he is still a work in progress.

From his images and stories you will see that he likes to think deeply and play with our preconceived notion. Each work is the conclusion of a lengthy process where real concepts are reduced to their minimal symbolic counterpart and then tilted or wrapped in some novel way.

The exploration of each media, thechnique, and genre is also a great part of the creative process for Barry. Each painting becomes a laboratory where new combinations of colors, textures, and materials are testes; each writing pushes panguage to its limit and the results are...hopefully thought provoking.

And he wouldn't have it any other way.

Always up for new projects, you may contact the Author/Actor/Artist directly:

N. Barry Carver