Projects - Ghost Town (2014-2016)

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Babs Delay and Bella Hall

Babs De Lay and Bella Hall have been legally married in Utah since that fateful decision day of December 20th, 2013. Bella is from the Pacific Northwest and moved to Utah after doing that long distance relationship thing for many years.

Bella didn’t have any experience with ghost towns until she moved to Utah, but she does believe in ghosts. Babs not only believes in them but has seen a few in her lifetime. One lives in their condo downtown and makes it clear that they can’t stand live plants in their corner of the unit. Any potted plant placed there will literally FLY off its perch within a few days. The ghost hasn’t materialized in form but is very present, not bad or good, just picky about its personal space.

Before moving to Utah in 1970 Babs lived in Arizona and spent virtually every weekend with her family exploring Anasazi and Native American ruins around Sedona and Flagstaff, burial sites on the family ranch in Tucson and abandoned mining towns up and down Highway 89.

The Mercur (pronounced 'Merr-kurr') graveyard is one of the closest and most haunted remnants of an 1800’s town west of Salt Lake City. Babs and Bella enjoy visiting little Annie’s grave out there and bringing her gifts. Her grave is often a foot deep in sun bleached plush toys or barren except for a dolls head and ball at the side of the marker. The site is one of the most popular places near the big city to visit and is well taken care of we think by the company that owns the closed mining operation at the end of the canyon. The graves sit at the mouth of the canyon on a little hill.