Projects - Ghost Town (2014-2016)

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The Visit
Upon Iris Merryweather's visit, the voice of her child calls.
If only she could soar like the angel.
Grief by the Angel
Prayers, a guide, bereavements journey.
Iris' Urn of Sorrow
She leans against the urn's faded tranquil garden.
A Sighting
Her journey continues amongst the gravestone landscape.
Her Warm Embrace
Iris drapes her tired being over long lost souls.
A heart broken. Pieces buried with those she loved.
Grief's Triangle
Birth, life, death. A triangle colored in shades of joy and sorrow.
Broken Bowl
Gathering found fragments of her broken heart.
Gravestone's Landscape
Resting a moment. Listening to the stories on the whispers of the wind.
The Kiss Goodbye
In grief's hope, Iris says goodbye to loved ones.