Duel*Ality 1.0 (2011)
Viewing Options - February 25-27 & March 4-6, 2011

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Another Language's world premier, telematic cinema performance Duel*Ality was experienced in several ways. You could have seen the live performances and be part of the studio audiences at the University of Utah INSCC VisLab Black Box Theater. Additional viewing options included watching the live feed from our website, entering Second Life or connecting through the Access Grid videoconference system.

Salt Lake City, UT - The performance took place at the University of Utah's Intermountain Network and Scientific Computation Center (INSCC) VisLab Black Box Theater located at 155 South 1452 East RM 294. Performances were February 25 - 27 and March 4 - 6. Friday and Saturday performances were at 7:00 PM MDT and Sundays at 4:00 PM MDT.

Second Life - The performances were available in Second Life. It was screened on Marriott Library Island and library staff was available to assist viewers in accessing the digital video streams. All performance times were -7 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Live QuickTime Webcast - A live QuickTime stream of Duel*Ality was available on this web site on the days of the performances.

Live Flash Webcast - The performances were also available at The University of Utah's University Information Technology media server. All performance times were -7 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Access Grid - Duel*Ality was viewed through the Access Grid AGtk 3.2. Many higher education institutions around the world have Access Grid facilities. Access Grid 3.2 with HD Video Services is recommended to view this performance and will be accessible by connecting to the Theater Venue of ArtGrid venue server.