XYZ (2013)
February 22-24 & March 1-3, 2013

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XYZ Attempts To Answer Life's Meaning
Similar to galaxies colliding in the depths of the universe, Another Language Performing Arts Company presents XYZ a cinematic experience created to highlight the personalities of four transcendental characters working to mesh the individual with the universal. View PDF

City Weekly
Another Language's annual performance-art pieces can be plotted on a constantly shifting continuum that innovatively merges science, technology, language and the arts, as one year's project often becomes the genesis for the next. View PDF

Tackling the Drama of Dimension in XYZ
Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic, the wife-and-husband team behind Another Language Performing Arts Company, have never been modest when it comes to exploring the untapped potential of live theater. View PDF

Another Language Adds New Dimension
Another Language Performing Arts Company continues to push boundaries and redefine theatre. Think back to geometry class and mapping points on a grid. The x-axis runs horizontally and the y-axis runs vertically. It's a two-dimensional plane. But then there is the z-axis, a visual representation of our three-dimensional world. These coordinates inspired the name of Another Language's latest telematics cinema project, XYZ, which is a 3D digital-poem and explores the reasons people are here on Earth. View PDF
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XYZ in 3D
The Center for High Performance Computing and Another Language Performing Arts Company presented the world premiere of XYZ (2013) on February 22, 2013. XYZ was a telematic cinema performance integrating live performance and 3D stereographic cinema performed in the INSCC VisLab Blackbox Theater. View PDF