Jimmy H. Miklavcic - Music
October 3, 1992 - Performance New Music Across America - Utah, Springdale, Utah

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Under the Eyes of the Watchman - Performance (1992)

Composed by: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Musicians: Members of the Hurricane High School Marching Band
Location: Virgin River Bank, Springdale, Utah
Length: 8:40 minutes

The students and Jimmy rehearsed the day before the performance and I believe that the students mustered their confidence and courage to play Under the Eyes of the Watchman on the day of the performance. The day was warm and the audience, the band, and Jimmy assembled in an open area on the banks of the Virgin River with permission of the property owners, Kent and Robin Palmer. Behind the band towered the Watchman, surrounded by the West Temple, Bridge Mountain and the East Temple in the distance.

The Hurricane High band members excelled in their performance, executing the score to the best of their ability. The audience showed their appreciation as the performance came to an end. All went well under the eyes of the Watchman.