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The projects listed below emphasize partnerships and collaborations with artists and organizations.

Projects 2016
Weller's Dada Celebration
February 6, 2016 - 100 Year Dada Celebration at Weller's Book Works in Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, Utah. Another Language debuts Bug Splatter created and performed by Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic.
Projects 2014-2016

Once bustling historic places, ghost towns are now remnants of bygone eras where change required the inhabitants to leave their dreams behind.
Projects 2013
12 Minutes Max
On Sunday, June 23rd at 2:00pm, Another Language Performing Arts Company participated in 12 Minutes Max, showing an anaglyph (red/cyan) version of XYZ at Dunce School for the Arts.
VisLab Student Presentation 1
On July 3, 2013 a group of 40 students from Jordan and Canyons School Districts in Salt Lake County, Utah attended a 3D screening of XYZ.
VisLab Student Presentation 2
On July 11, 2013 a group of 17 students and guides from the Davis School District in Davis County, Utah attended a 3D screening of XYZ.
Projects 2012
Deep Wireless Festival
Another Language Performing Arts Company participated in Hug the World a Translocal Performance on May 1, 2012, as part of the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art. New Adventures In Sound Art (NAISA) celebrated the re-launch of the NAISA Webcast with a special 6 hour translocal audio jam curated and hosted from Montreal by Eldad Tsabary of CIOrk at Concordia University. Over 50 Performers located on 5 continents connected in real-time improvising and performing sound art.
Projects 2011
Sguardi Sonori 2011 Infinite Spaces
Sguardi Sonori - Infinite Spaces organized by FaticArt Association of Contemporary Art organized this event, beginning October 9, 2010 and continuing through 2011, with participating artists from all over the world. The 2011 version of the project is exhibiting Elizabeth Miklavcic's video art as a part of this collaborative festival of media and time-based art.
Daisy Chain
An Anarchic Performance Event held Friday, May 13th, was an interconnected series of internet performances that was featured at (((Antena))) Gallery in Chicago, Illinois and simultaneously across the Internet. Participating performers incorporated one or more other performances in the series via projection, monitor, laptop or audio. This performance was organized and hosted by Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Westbrook.
TorinOver/Sister Cities Project
The Sister Cities project continued into 2011 with a public unveiling of the TorinOver Art Videos project at the Salt Lake City Hall on June 20, 2011. The videos will be shown in several Salt Lake City locations.
Projects 2010
Big Dance/Little Space
On January 29-30, 2010, Elizabeth A. Miklavcic performed a new work, Face-to-Face, for Callous Physical Theatre's Big Dance/Little Space, a festival of dance performed on a 5 foot by 5 foot stage at the Old Town Actors Studio in Pocatello, Idaho. This festival was produced and directed by Paul Zmolek and Josephine Garibaldi.
Landscape: Shaken Gently with a Twist
The opening reception was held March 19, 2010, and the gallery show ran from March 19-April 9, 2010. Elizabeth A. Miklavcic created two new digital paintings for this group showing of visual artists. The exhibit was at Art Access/VSA Utah, VSA is an affiliate of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Landscape was vetted and hosted by Executive Director Ruth Lubbers and Assistant Director Sheryl Gillilan.
Sguardi Sonori 2010-2011 Infinite Spaces
Sguardi Sonori - Infinite Spaces organized by FaticArt Association of Contemporary Art organized this event, beginning October 9, 2010 and continuing through 2011, with participating artists from all over the world, elements for this performance/installation include electronic music, sound art installation, performance, video art, painting and photography. Elizabeth Miklavcic's video art and Elizabeth & Jimmy Miklavcic's piano/guitar duet is a part of this prestigious event.
September 27-October 2, 2010, a week-long art exhibition of local and national artists, curated by Brolly Arts was held at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Another Language Performing Arts Company exhibited Music for Bubble Biters-The Mockmumentary for this event.
This November, TorinOver10, is presented in collaboration with the Department of Commerce, Tourism and Urban Marketing of Torino and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry for Cultural Heritage, Regione Piemonte, Provincia di Torino Citta di Torino, District 7. In May, Elizabeth and Jimmy were invited by Nicole Larsen to create a short film, Salt Lake City in 90 Seconds for submission to TorinOver10. Torino, Italy is Salt Lake's sister city, the festival held throughout Torino will include videos from invited artists and displayed in public areas. Work on this project took place through June and included hours of footage from different places of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, which were then edited into a ninety-second video.
Projects 2009
Sguardi Sonori
Festival of Media and Time Based Art 2009 by FaticArt Association of Contemporary Art. Has incorporated the Human Emotion Project into this year's festival. The festival is tours to Rome, as well as many other Italian cities and runs through October.
Human Emotion Project
Human Emotion Project 2009 by FaticArt Association of Contemporary Art. The expression/representation of human emotions interpreted through video/film with contributions from the global artistic community.
The Exonerated
Jimmy and Elizabeth Miklavcic were invited by director William Ferrer to participate in a staged reading of The Exonerated by Salt Lake City based People Productions. The Exonerated, a play written by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen is about the stories of people who have been falsely accused and imprisoned.
In David Blaines' Wake
Elizabeth Miklavcic was cast as Glory, the lead, for a staged reading of In David Blaines's Wake written by L. Isabella Iasella and directed by Rebecca Webber. The performance was sponsored by Beth Bruner and Holladay Arts. This event was a fundraiser for the Salt Lake City Cancer Wellness House.
Projects 2008
Six Seconds Around Me_Sign The Sound
Sguardi Sonori 2008 Festival of Media and Time Based Art by FaticArt Association of Contemporary Art. This festival of sound and visual art will travel throughout Italy. The 2008 edition is characterized from the relationship between image and sound with participating artists from all over the world some countries include Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Holland, Italy and the United States.
Projects 2007
College Music Society
The College Music Society held its fiftieth national conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, November 15-18, 2007. W. Scott Deal formerly of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, now a research faculty at Indiana University/Purdue University-Indianapolis, has been a collaborator in the InterPlay projects since 2004. He invited Beth and Jimmy Miklavcic to participate in his lecture/performance Performance Beyond Place: Music in a Multi-Disciplinary Telematic Performance.
Projects 2006
Another Language performed in Elements, an interdisciplinary telematic performance with the Digital Performance Group at the University of Maryland Department of Dance on February 3-4, 2006.
Production Elements
On November 15, 2006 Beth and Jimmy Miklavcic gave a Performance and Presentation Production Elements demonstration during the Collaborative Performing Arts session for the Supercomputing Global Showcase at the Tampa Convention Center.
Projects 2005
The Actors Showcase
In partnership with The Wasatch Film Group, Another Language Performing Arts Company presented The Actors Showcase. Organized and hosted by Elizabeth Miklavcic it was created for the purpose of giving a free, informal, performance opportunity for actors along the Wastach Front.
Music for Bubble Biters: The Mocumentary
Artistic obsession and the need to create takes on many forms and some of them are so unconventional that the adventure of bringing the idea into reality is more of a struggle then the actual performance. This is the case with Music for Bubble Biters: The Mocumentary.