Projects - The Actors Showcase

Projects | Actors Showcase | February 23, 2005 | May 25, 2005 | November 2, 2005

The Actors Showcase

In partnership with The Wasatch Film Group, Another Language Performing Arts Company presented The Actors Showcase. Organized and hosted by Elizabeth Miklavcic it was created for the purpose of giving a free, informal, performance opportunity for actors along the Wastach Front to explore original text by local screenwriters, as well as, to motivate actors to work on monologues or short scenes. The actors also had the choice to work on building their repertory of comedic, drama, Shakespeare, accents, and others types of audition monologues to present for feedback in a setting where the actor was encouraged to take risks.

Local directors were invited to the Showcase to see the talent's work away from the traditional audition setting. Musicians, Performance Artists and Filmmakers also participated in this showcase.

Each participant was given a 10-20 minute time slot to show their work and then the audience responses were addressed by the actor in an open discussion.