InterPlay - Telematic, Access Grid Performances

The InterPlay's, 2003-2010, were a multi-faceted event consisting of two or more performances that occurred simultaneously in various cities around the world. The performances were concurrently captured, mixed, digitized, encoded and streamed onto the network. The digital mix was manipulated as each video stream appeared in any of several video playback windows. This created a work that took individual stories and wove them into a multi-layered, distributed, cinematic performance.

The artistic approach to the cinematic aspect of the InterPlays was based on a similar process that the brain performs during the formulation of a dream sequence. Images that have been stored through recent experiences simultaneously emerge in pieces and the brain mixes them into a surreal sequence that loosely resembled a story. During the InterPlay performances, the emerging images of the video streams, coming from several sites across the country and the world, were combined into a richly woven audio-visual tapestry. Another Language streamed these performances live, through several viewing options, enabling audience members from around the world to view the InterPlay performances. There was a live performance component that took place at each participating site, and in Salt Lake City, Utah, the live performances took place at the Intermountain Network and Scientific Computation Center at the University of Utah. INSCC was the host site and Another Language Performing Arts Company initiated, organized, created the concepts and directed these performances.

Another Language Performing Arts Company began researching telematics in 1995 and continued the InterPlay performances up to 2010. The technological growth of emerging technologies takes the Company to the present where the performances are re-titled under a broader definition of Telematic Cinema. Through the utilization of Access Grid tm and other videoconferencing packages, Another Language Performing Arts Company stands in the forefront as developers of real-time, distributed artistic works and holds a reputation as world leaders in the innovation of telematic, collaborative performances.