Projects - Ghost Town (2014-2016)

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Thistle, Utah Photo: Dave Hogan

As of the end of April 2022, Ghost Town involved over 40 artists creating 43 projects in 16 Utah counties, and there have been 763,988 visits from 120,148 unique hosts to the Ghost Town Project website.

Another Language Performing Arts Company newest web project is, Ghost Town. This is the first artistic work, developed by Another Language, that takes place completely online and is crowd sourced! We are excited to open participation to interested artists and we have had many people participating in the Ghost Town project.

Concept: Once bustling historic places, ghost towns are now remnants of bygone eras where change required the inhabitants to leave their dreams behind. Ghost towns are similar to today's digital industry where workers tele-commute from their homes while the office spaces become vacant shells. Another Language is encouraging investigations of Utah ghost towns. Original photographs, dance, videos/movies, animations, visual art, music soundscapes, poetry and text compositions submitted by participating artists will be uploaded to Correlations between historical ghost towns and modern conceptual ghost towns are encouraged. What is your personal ghost town? What do you see, think, and feel when experiencing a place that was once thriving?

Quick Response (QR) codes corresponding to web content on were created. Viewers can access the Ghost Town experience directly from and/or scan the QR codes with their mobile device, connect to the Ghost Town website and access the multimedia content inspired by that location.

Throughout 2014-2015 content was gathered and the web layout designed. The unveiling was in the Fall of 2015 for the Company's 30th anniversary. The project remains open for participation contact Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic at info(at)anotherlanguage(dot)org for further information.