Projects - The Actors Showcase
February 23, 2005

Projects | Actors Showcase | February 23, 2005 | May 25, 2005 | November 2, 2005

February 23, 2005 Actors Showcase Participants

Pictured: Back Row - Leo Loving (Filmmaker), Linda Eyring (Actor), Harold Carr (Performance Artist),
Jimmy Miklavcic (Actor), Flavia Cervino-Wood (Performance Artist), Eliza Wren (Actor)
Center Row - Natasha Eldredge (Actor), Chalese Thill (Actor)
Front Row - Scott Halford (Filmmaker), Hanelle Miklavcic (Actor), Chris Madman Madriaga (Actor),
Elizabeth Pascoe (Actor), Not Pictured - Jake P. Evans, Tatiana Galindo and Susan Rounkles

Program Design by Mindy Bollinger