Jimmy H. Miklavcic - Music
October 3, 1992 - Rehearsal New Music Across America - Utah, Springdale, Utah

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Under the Eyes of the Watchman - Rehearsal (1992)

Composed by: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Musicians: Members of the Hurricane High School Marching Band
Location: Virgin River Bank, Springdale, Utah
Length: 6:20 minutes

Under the Eyes of the Watchman was commissioned in 1992 for the New Music America - Utah festival in Springdale, Utah. Jimmy began composing the work using the Roland Drumatix TR 606 comport control drum machine. The bass drum, toms and snare were programmed with the drum machine and then transcribed to music notation software. The tuba, trombone, french horn, and trumpet parts were later added to the score.

In keeping with the educational aspect of the festival, Philip Bimstein, the festival's director, and Jimmy recruited students from nearby Hurricane's high school marching band. The band members had rehearsed the new composition during the previous week at the school. This rehearsal was the first time the musicians and Jimmy met on the banks of the Virgin River, below the eyes of the Watchman.