Jimmy H. Miklavcic - Performance Roles
March 15, 1992 - Another Language In Concert, Salt Lake City, Utah

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The President's Resignation (1992)

Created by: Jon Scoville
Text by: Mark Strand
Music: (Video Credits)
Costuming: Jon Scoville
Lighting: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
President: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Cabinet: Angie Head, Chara Huckins, Sarah Hudelson, Eleni Kambouris, Michael Larkin, Julie Preston
Location: Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave. Salt Lake City, Utah
Length: 8:01 minutes

The President, an unpopular leader, having made no promises, speculated about the weather that he would have during his term. It was his wish to make nothing happen, reading Chekhov aloud to his Cabinet. The President unceasingly looked up at the sky in search of the blessings of the weather, turning words of his office into petals of a rose.

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