Jimmy H. Miklavcic - Performance Roles
June 25, 1994 - Utah Arts Festival, Festi-Live Stage, Salt Lake City, Utah

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No Place Formaldehyde (1994)

Choreographer: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Music: (Video Credits)
Costume: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Lighting: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
TV Videography: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Performed by: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Location: Utah Arts Festival - Festi-Live Stage, Delta Center Salt Lake City, Utah
Length: 3:10 minutes

No Place Formaldehyde (1994) was a solo performance work created and performed by Jimmy Miklavcic. The piece explores the sense of identity that is shaped and influenced through ubiquitous video and the omnipresent television set. As we absorb the multitude of images, confusing them for actual life experiences, we slowly build a dependence on the source of figures and forms that are not our own.