History - The Artists' Exchange (1991)
January 21, 1991 - Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah

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Introduction - Another Language Performing Arts Company Techincal Director Jimmy Miklavcic welcomes the audience to the fifth Artists' Exchange.

Linda Stuart - Performed a dance spinning on a chair, reminiscent of a music box figure.

Larry Hines - Performed a dance he created about his relationship with his father. Writers contributed thoughts about their paternal relationships, read by Jimmy Miklavcic.

Interlude - Jimmy Miklavcic encouraged the audience to look at the photographs on the studio walls during intermission and that after intermission the chairs would be rearranged to the parameter of the room.

Seve Preston - Read her original poetry about sexual abuse, sexuality and healing.

Elizabeth Miklavcic - Performed Keepin' Up With The Jones'. This dance staged "in the round," was a trial run for the upcoming Another Language Performing Arts Company's Home Movies and Other Family Secrets concert. This was the final performance of the fifth Artists' Exchange.