History - The Artists' Exchange (1991)
November 3, 1991 - Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah

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Introduction - Another Language Performing Arts Company Technical Director Jimmy Miklavcic welcomes the audience to the eighth Artists' Exchange.

Tana Johnson - San Francisco based dancer/choreographer Tana Johnson performed a work about Adam and Eve.

Jeff Wax and The Hollow Logs - Played music from Africa and discussed the instruments.

Seve Preston - In a remarkably vulnerable, reading Seve brought to light her story about abuse and the struggle with multiple personalities.

Erick Koegel - Performed a solo of his own choreography and discussed with the audience the challenge of choreographing on ones-self.

Jennifer Salk - Dancer/choreographer Jennifer Salk performed two works that highlighted her physical virtuosity and her kinetic sensibilities.

Julie Preston - A member of Another Language Performing Arts Company, Julie shared a duet she choreographed about making connections.

Jeff Wax and The Hollow Logs - A drum jam session for audience members after The Artists' Exchange.