Season XXXVIII Volume 20 Issue 1 January-December 2023



Bonneville Salt Flats (1993)

Jeannine Chan
Photograph: Christopher Pfeiffer

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Another Language Performing Arts Company's Art-of-the-Month was created to publicly feature a variety of visual art expressions created by the directors of Another Language. Exhibiting abstract acrylic to digital paintings, and running the gambit in-between, this gallery exhibition offers the viewer an online gallery experience with a new addition each month. The Art-of-the-Month web program began September 2010, and features a variety of paintings, showing a body of work spanning decades. Extensive visual art galleries are available to supporting members in the Membership area of the website.

Am I Being Followed? (2022)
By Jimmy Miklavcic

Who Said That? (2022)
By Jimmy Miklavcic

Sentence-Fragment (2022)
By Jimmy Miklavcic

Flying With Strangers (2022)
By Jimmy Miklavcic

These works were created on the Apple iPAD Air with ArtStudio Pro software. All Jimmy's paintings are expressions of his state of being at the time the painting is in process. They are inspired by significant events that have happened, sites that have been visited, or social and emotional experiences.


Interplay Performance Los Angeles, CA
August 4, 2005
Pictured: LMIB Participants
Photo: Video Still
What is Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Art in 2023?
I'd like to continue our thirty-eight year conversation regarding Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary art and artists. Now that these art forms have made their way into the mainstream, they do not carry the negative connotations and confusion as in the past. I'd like to present the point-of-view that all artists are and always have been interdisciplinary.
Multidisciplinary is defined as combining or involving more than one discipline.
– Merriam-Webster Dictionary –
Interdisciplinary refers to a method or mindset that merges traditional concepts of methods in order to arrive at new approaches or allows both a rigorous and nimble approach to subjects of both great nuance and complexity.
– Oregon State University Graduate School –
The Another Language Performing Arts Company Artists' Exchanges that took place in the 1990's, and even before that, the Experimental Floss performances that Tina Karlsson, Jimmy Miklavcic and I produced in the 1980's, were multidisciplinary performances in which participants from all different backgrounds presented their works based on their primary art form.
Nel Tempo Di Sogno (INSCC)
April 1, 2007
Pictured: Eliza Wren
Photo: Video Still
The Interplays and Telematic Cinema performances produced from 2003-2013 at the Intermountain Network and Scientific Computation Center (INSCC), as final products, were interdisciplinary. The multidisciplinary contributions of the participating artists were combined in the control room and presented as a different spontaneous product on the screen.
I am still of the opinion, given the above defining examples, that art forms by nature are interdisciplinary. It occurred to me a long time ago that musicians are also dancers. The way the musicians and conductor move together in a symphony, is a dance. The process of perfecting a score requires endless hours of practice, repetition and discipline, just as dance training requires. A painter is also a dancer, requiring very similar practice to achieve a high level of mastery. A writer is a painter of language.
Photography, from the beginning, has been a combination of art and science. Technological gains in hardware and software constantly progress this art form forward into new realms of discovery. Cinema is an incredible example of combining art and technology to create a product, involving a whole team of skilled people from multiple disciplines coming together to create a final interdisciplinary product.
Duel-Ality 1.0 (INSCC)
March 3, 2010
Pictured: Jimmy & Elizabeth Miklavcic
Photo: Matthew Loel T. Hepworth
I think we have known, on the subconscious level, that creating art has crossed disciplines for a very long time, but now that the walls are coming down between art forms, the acceptance of the Multidisciplinary-Interdisciplinary approach to art is, thankfully, becoming the norm instead of the unusual. Broad thinking will help us expand our artistic expressions and these same methodologies may help us discover solutions to the many societal and environmental challenges we face.
By Elizabeth Miklavcic - Founding Co-Director

Dictionary of Utah Fine Artists Jacket Cover
Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic were included in the publication of the Dictionary of Utah Fine Artist. It is a comprehensive 432 page reference book that lists influential Utah fine artists. Painter Paul Heath who participated in InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno is also included in this publication. It became available to the public in November 2022.
Jacket Text - From Aagard to Zwara with thousands of artists in between, details the styles and experiences of over 4,500 fine artists from the sketches of early exploration artists to Robert Smithson's world-famous Spiral Jetty...Rich images and color plates bring Utah's masterpieces to life...This sweeping work highlights the rural and the cosmopolitan, the traditional and the modern, and the concrete and the transcendent that compose the world of Utah art.
Special thanks to author Donna L. Poulton, and the author team of Vern G. Swanson, Angela Swanson Jones, and Micah J. Christensen for their hard work on this project.

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First Contact Clouds Over The Oquirrhs Anomaly Two Stories

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