Elizabeth A. Miklavcic - Choreographic Works
Full Closets - Home Movies and Other Family Secrets Concert February 22-24 & March 1-3, 1991

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Full Closets (1991)

Choreographer: Elizabeth A. Miklavcic
Music: (Video Credits)
Costuming: Elizabeth A. Miklavcic
Lighting: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Dancers: Chara Huckins, Sarah Hudelson, Lori Nichol
Location: Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave. Salt Lake City, Utah
Length: 5:57 minutes
Elizabeth Miklavcic was triggered to create a dance about excess, influenced by Imelda Marcos who was the first Lady of the Philippines. While the Filipino people suffered, she lived a life of excess including acquiring and collecting over three thousand pairs of shoes. It was so ridiculous and heart-breaking to Elizabeth, that Marcos' behavior inspired the creation of Full Closets, and the shoes hanging on the back scrim are a tribute to her.

Delusion and external acquisition are descriptive words that motivated Elizabeth's choreographic choices. Expertly danced by three members of Another Language Performing Arts Company Company Chara Huckins, Sarah Hudelson, and Lori Nichol, Full Closets is a social commentary on the concept of excess and fashion.

The costuming examines what makes something fashionable verses just ridiculous. The characters in the dance think they look GOOD! But they are the only one's who believe this to be true. The characters in this dance have a self-centered focus, which proves to be a waste of time, energy, and money, because for all their running around, changes of direction, i.e. going here, and going there, trying this, or trying that, they just can't keep up with the fiction that exists in the world they want to occupy. Which is why at the very end of the dance they end up collapsing on the floor.