Elizabeth A. Miklavcic - Performance Roles
June 3, 1990 - On The Gutting Ledge Concert, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Foibles of Faith or The Human Side of Holy Worship (1990)

Choreographer: Elizabeth A. Miklavcic
Music: (Video Credits)
Costuming: Elizabeth A. Miklavcic
Lightinging: Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Videography: Peter Francyk
Dancers: Christopher Murry Ivins, Elizabeth A. Miklavcic, Jimmy H. Miklavcic
Location: Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah
Length: 9:52 minutes
Most people who have grown up within a church doctrine have some kind of bizarre story associated with going to church. Two real experiences of performers Christopher Murry Ivins and Jimmy Miklavcic are the foundation for the purpose of this dance.

Facing full-on the touchy subject of Religion, this dance focuses on the belief that an organized religion created by a human is ridiculous. Simultaneously absurd and deadly serious, Foibles of Faith is a dance which points out that where humans are involved, the evolution of religion depends on the individual actions of those people.

The black material that ties the three figures together represents a shroud. The "ties that bind" so-to-speak. The female figure danced by Elizabeth Miklavcic is Faith or Spirituality. She is manipulated for other people's purposes Throughout the dance. At the end of the dance she pleads, through movement, for clarity, innocence, and for understanding that there is a difference between Religion and Faith.