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Rehearsal October 1985

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Out of This Comes... Rehearsal (1985)

Choreographer: Elizabeth A. Miklavcic
Music: Collage
Rehearsal Dancers: Students from the Youth Performing Arts School, Louisville, Kentucky
Location: The Youth Performing Arts School, Louisville, Kentucky
Length: 14:32 minutes
Elizabeth had been invited for a two week residency by full-time dance instructor Jeanne Travers to choreograph a dance for the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville, Kentucky. She had only ten days to set a fourteen minute work on seventeen High School students, grades 9-12, of varying skill levels.

Elizabeth took this video recording on the last day of the last rehearsal. The rehearsal took place in the largest studio the school had at the time, and you can see that the students are really squished together during different sequences of Out of this Comes...The idea for Elizabeth, when choreographing, was to keep in mind the performance venue where the dance would be presented. In this case, she knew it would be a large proscenium theater, and that there would be more room for the dancers to spread out, with a larger depth of field. (Don't choreograph for the rehearsal studio, choreograph for the theater.)

Jeanne Travers and a few of the other dance instructors were there to view the finished dance. Since the performance wasn't until January 1986, and the residency was in October 1985, the idea was that the other dance instructors would help to clean up and tighten the dancer's timing, shapes and dynamics. It was an honor for Elizabeth to work with these talented and dedicated students, and she always wondered how their careers and live's unfolded.