History - The Artists' Exchange (1991)
July 15, 1990 - Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah

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Leon Johnson & Friends - The beauty of The Artists' Exchange was that it was open to all genres, abilities and levels of experience. This performance is evidence of providing a safe place to have a performance experience in front of an audience. The audience discussion is respectful of the value of this type of opportunity.

Seve Preston - This powerful first time reading of her work, stuns the audience with honesty about abuse, sexual orientation and healing. Is an incredible example of the power of truth in art.

Intermission - Organizer Elizabeth Miklavcic lets the audience know to view Marilyn Miller's visual art piece during intermission. Generally, during the Artists' Exchanges the participating visual artist's work was hung on the studio walls and intermission was the time to mill and view the work.

Marilyn Miller - Visual artists Marilyn Miller and partner field questions and comments from the audience. Their work was placed in the Artspace garden through the double doors at the south end of the studio and was viewed during intermission.

Clocks - An experimental music group, describing their expression as post-industrial folk music and hardcore new age noise poetry.

Linda Nowlin - A first time reading of this writer's story.

Interlude - Organizer Elizabeth Miklavcic takes a moment to thank Mark C. Jackman for his PSA.

Lloyd Miller - Used this opportunity to experiment with his poetry delivered in different languages. This is the final presentation of the third Artists' Exchange.