History - Eglantine (1991)
October 30, 1991 - Another Language Performance Studio, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Poster - To publicize the October 30th debut performance, this poster design, by Jimmy Miklavcic, featured a photograph by John Brandon of Elizabeth Miklavcic as Eglantine personae.
Program - This program, designed by Elizabeth Miklavcic, was distributed to the October 30th, attending audience. Approximately fifty people attended this event and participated in an audience discussion following the performance.
View of Nine Catalog
View of Nine Catalog - The 1991-1992 Utah Arts Council's Visual Artist Fellowship Award Finalists were exhibited at the Salt Lake Art Center from April 4-May 15, 1992. Finalist for the 1991-1992 Fellowship Award were Allen Bishop, Anna Campbell Bliss, Sue Cotter, Mary Fish, Susan Fleming, Stephen A. Goldsmith, Randall Lake, Beth Miklavcic, and Michael Plyler.
Video - Another Language Studio on West Pierpont Avenue has housed many of the great Salt Lake performances in recent times. The latest is "Eglantine," a solo dance and video performance by Beth Miklavcic with videography by Jimmy Miklavcic...The Miklavcic's are committed not only to performance but to revealing process, learning and teaching. They are unassuming people who dare to push the edges of dance and performance.
-Susan Levin - The Daily Utah Chronicle (11/8/91)-