History - Moving Words (1991)
July 6, 1991 - Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah

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Moving Words Introduction/Welcome
Moving Words was a project initiated by Joyce Marder. This performance was a creative collaboration and a fundraiser for Another Language Performing Arts Company and the League of Utah Writers.

This performance opened with an improvisation by the Another Language company members spring-boarding off the works of D. Louise Brown, Judy Johns and Greg Kinzer.

A Look Back
Inspiration - Magic In My Shoes written by Kolette Montague, A Look Back is about a young child going to the shoe repair shop to have new taps put on the bottom of his/her shoes. Elizabeth was continuing her experiments with combining modern and tap dance movements and this was her first time memorizing and performing prose with dance.

Sojourn of the Florid Muses
Inspiration - Fire Within the Rose written by Kolette Montague, Sojourn of the Florid Muses was choreographed by Sarah Hudelson. This quartet symbolically used chairs to represent the building and changing of configurations just as one would change designs and layouts in a garden.

A Mug Shot
Inspiration - A Mug Shot written by D. Louise Brown, a monologue performance by Michael Larkin. A commentary on the very large soft drink mugs people used to carry around on a regular basis.

Lost Fascinations
Inspiration - The Last Children in America written by Patricia Ramsey-Jones, Lost Fascinations choreographed and performed by Eleni Kambouris expresses a feeling of sadness at the loss of childhood joy.

1000 Eyes
Inspiration - One Thousand Eyes for One Eyed War written by Marilyn Chapman, 1000 Eyes choreographed by Jimmy H. Miklavcic confronts the damaging effects of mans tendency toward domination and control.

Momentary Twilight
Inspiration - Lune written by D. Marisa Black, Momentary Twilight choreographed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic is an ethereal dance focused on the desire to fly.

Wino on the Subway
Inspiration - Wino on the Subway written by Judy Johns, a reading by Jason Novak. This prose examined children's response to their first exposure to someone less fortunate.

Don't Walk
Inspiration - The Line-Up written by Clarence Socwell, guest choreographer Hilary Elmore-Carrier worked with multiple locomotor phrases while the dancers formed a variety of square floor patterns and different variations of traveling in a line.

In the Silence
Inspiration In the Silence by Greg Kinzer. Michael Larkin read an exerpt from this text. His inventive use of a step ladder to create visual imagery enhanced the performance.

Fruit Soup
Inspiration - Abra-Ca-Zoot, New Duos of Fruit written by Carol Bennion, choreographed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic, this concert finale is an homage to Bob Fosse and her tap dance teacher Jo Reid.