History - The Artists' Exchange (1993)
September 26, 1993 - Another Language Performance Studio, 345 West Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah

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Introduction - Another Language Performing Arts Company Artistic Director and Artists' Exchange organizer Elizabeth Miklavcic welcomes the audience to the sixteenth Artists' Exchange.

Joyce Marder - Writer Joyce Marder, the most consistent attendee to the Artists' Exchanges, shares a series of her written pieces.

Richard Thomson - Visual artist Richard Thomson showed his computer generated fractal images and addresses philosophical concepts of computer generated art.

Interlude - Elizabeth had an audience member draw from a hat, the two artists that would go after intermission.

International Dance Theatre - Kathryn St. John and Lloyd Miller played several middle eastern works and had the audience participate in a dance demonstration.

April Motley - Visual artist April Motley presented her work with the audience and discussed the emotional intensity of her paintings.

Scott Michelson - Costume designer Scott Michelson brought several examples of his work and talked about the process of creating costumes for a variety of performance events. This was the last presentation of the sixteenth Artists' Exchange.