History - Projects and Partnerships (2013)
12 Minutes Max - June 23, 2013, Sugarhouse, Utah

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12 Minutes Max Showing Dunce School for the Arts - Rockwood Studios

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Dunce School for the Arts

Dunce School for the Arts is a broadband art house founded by Gretchen Reynolds and Alexandra Karl. It is located in Sugar House (Utah) at the Rockwood Studios, #5 1064 E. 2100 S. 12 Minutes Max showcases short experimental pieces and works-in-progress across disciplines with a twelve minute maximum performance time. It takes place on the third Sunday, every other month. Admission is FREE with concessions available and donations are gratefully accepted.

DUNCE believes everyone has something unique and interesting to say. Offering a wide range of classes and workshops for adults, they help students distill an artistic vision and develop their own visual language. Classes blend time-honored traditions with contemporary practices.

DUNCE also believes that art does not happen in a vacuum, but in concert with other practitioners in the field. These may hail from foreign lands, distant time periods or unfamiliar mindsets. Special events at DUNCE are designed to inspire individuals while engaging Salt Lake's art community.