InterPlay - Loose Minds in a Box (2005)
August 3-4, 2005 - ACM/SIGGRAPH Performance Los Angeles, California

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Length 36:53

This multi-site performance of InterPlay: Loose Minds In A Box took place at the downtown Los Angeles Convention Center. It was held in a dedicated Access Grid Room 406AB, because the infrastructure of an Access Grid performance took days to set up, with many dedicated systems. Elizabeth Miklavcic ran the Access Grid software and manipulated the cinematic scenes from the last row at top of the risers where the Access Grid engineers and systems were set up. Being chosen to showcase this work and participating in ACM/SIGGRAPH was an honor, this was the first time that live performance streaming was exhibited at the International conference. Jimmy Miklavcic mixed the live and recorded incoming streams in real-time from the center table and this is the movie of the Digital Mix that Jimmy created during the August 4th groundbreaking performance.