History - Another Language Holds A Conversation (1989)
November 17 - 19, 1989

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In Some Language
Is the first work created by the new company for the concert. In Some Language consists of two duets and a reprieve. The dance worked with movement and text focusing on the subject of communication.

Choreographed and performed by Gunild Pak, this work is a personal expression of emotions through movement and healing.

Choreographed and performed by Christopher Murry Ivins and Jimmy Miklavcic. Bootlegging was created out of the motional retrictions from wearing ski boots.

All of a Sudden
Choreographed and performed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic, this work is about remembering lost chances.

Volunteer Performers
Jimmy Miklavcic talks with the audience to find a male and a female to perform in the finale with the company.

A History of Timeless Connections
Created by guest choreographer Kathryn Elliott for Another Language Performing Arts Company. This work was performed by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic and Gunild Pak, with actress Rachel Deirmenbjian. A History of Timeless Connections is about when close siblings have to part.

On All Fours
The finale of the concert was designed and created by the company to involve the audience and to end the concert on a humorous note.