History - Artist Residency and Scholarship (1993)
October 29, 1993 - Another Language Performance Studio, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Artist Scholarship and Residency Poster

Human experience is an undercurrent in my choreography. Using my own personal metaphor and that of my dancers, I endeavor to create accessible dances. As a Resident Artist for Another Language, I have felt free to take risks and try anything. I am working on a duet for Beth and Jimmy entitled "That Woman," which the story of their life together. A duet for Jana Trueblood and myself entitled "I See The Moon and The Moon Sees Me," which is a slice of our everyday situation. A quartet for the Company entitled "Lament for Lost Chances," which is about risk, regrets and hope, this work is danced to the music of a Highland Pipe and Drum Corps. Jana Trueblood is, also, choreographing a solo for me to perform. The Lecture part of this Demonstration will explore ways of speaking from didactic lessons to French to yelling and song.
- Hilary Carrier