InterPlay - Event Horizon (2010) Telematic, Access Grid Performance
Poetry by Carrie Baker - March 26-28 & April 2-3, 2010

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This is the second of three poems, the rest are available in the Membership area; support Another Language and become a Member.

InterPlay: Event Horizon Poetry
Pictured: Carrie Baker Cinematic Display

I imagine I float above this edge.
I imagine I can see way over there to that glowing yellow in the distance.
I imagine my back lifts up like a parachute and
I ascend,
I release,
I let go.
Then I realize,
That edge that I balance on,
That edge that I live on,
That limbo,
That space that consumes,
Does not need to exist.
I can never touch that glowing yellow.
I can never know what is beyond this,
I can never see what is next.
I can only go.
And see.
I choose.
I hold my breath.
I step.

by Carrie Baker 2010

All Rights Reserved