Projects - Siguardi Sonori - Infinite Spaces (2010-2011)

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Siguardi Sonori - Infinite Spaces (2010-2011)
The Italian based FaticArt organization accepted Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic's Call of the Horizon for the 2010-2011 Infinite Spaces installation. Artists throughout the world are participating in this event that will be shown in Shanghai and throughout Italy.

Call of the Horizon is an acoustic musical improvisational conversation between piano and guitar. The open spaces of the language between the instruments evokes within the listener's imagination a sense of infinite landscapes, as if one was sitting on top of the highest mountain, able to view into infinity.

At times the piano is the dominant speaker in major and minor chords, at times the guitar takes the lead and guides the conversation. This exploration uses music to go beyond the sense of sight into another realm of consciousness. Call of the Horizon is a gentle caress that reaches into the horizon of the soul, creating an infinite space where compassion and change can be the dominant language. This composition whispers a musical bridge across the chasm of expression.