Projects - Siguardi Sonori - Infinite Spaces (2010-2011)

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Runtime is 7:59

Siguardi Sonori - Infinite Spaces (2010-2011)
The Italian based FaticArt organization accepted Elizabeth Miklavcic's Horizon In Triptych for the 2010-2011 Infinite Spaces installation. Artists throughout the world are participating in this event that will be shown in Shanghai and throughout Italy.

Horizon In Triptych is an exploration of the spaces beyond sight or knowledge using animated color and motion. The infinite space of the horizon is explored. As the colors wash over, one begins to feel as though they were transported to a dream state where the saturated constant change of the horizon's shape and spatial relationships were the norm.

The triptych animation is influenced by the natural world through watching many sunrises and sunsets over the Great Salt Lake in the State of Utah, USA. The open space of this desert landscape is surreal in and of itself. That inspiration was translated into computer graphics around the concept of infinite spaces and the horizon.