Projects - Ghost Town (2014-2016)

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Sheryl Gillilan Photo: Jackelin Slack

Sheryl has quilted half-seriously since 1980 and much more seriously since 1993 when she quit her job to stay home with her newborn daughter -- and discovered art quilts. She has won several prizes over the years, including two Best of Shows at the Springville Art Museum in Springville, Utah.

When Sheryl returned to work in 2004, her quilting time radically diminished, but she carves out time in the early morning and weekends to play with fabric. She loves the textures and colors this medium offers, and sometimes dyes her own fabric. Sheryl usually makes art quilts, but occasionally makes bed or lap quilts. She also accepts commission work.

Sheryl is the executive director of Art Access, which pays her bills and provides much satisfaction and intellectual stimulation. When she isn’t working, she’s quilting, reading, knitting, walking her dogs, or just generally hanging out with family and friends.

She can be reached at sherylquilter1(at)gmail(dot)com.